What You Should Look for in Hair Products


We all want healthy shiny looking hair but most of us don’t know which products will be best for our hair type. What are the must have ingredients that you should look into before buying any product for your hair.

When we purchase food items, we often read the labels at the back of the product, why can’t we do the same when we are buying products for our hair? Most of us believe that our hair can only look healthy if we get a regular trim or a stylish new haircut, but this is not true. The products we apply in our hair are significant in influencing the condition of our hair.

There are a few ingredients that you should look out for in your favorite hair products.



Shampoos we use contain a substance known as sodium lauryl sulfate that creates foam and removes excess oil and dirt from our hair but in the last few years, this substance has raised concerns regarding irritation and damage to our hair. Hence, the next time you decide to buy a new shampoo, look for a sulphate free one which is gentle on your hair and helps remove dirt as well. Acetic acid is also a mild substance, which helps in lifting dirt from your scalp making it look healthier.


When you go buy a conditioner, try to buy one that has coconut oil included as it is a natural fix that works efficiently to improve the condition of our hair. Coconut oil is known to increase the flexibility of our hair and also strengthen them at the same time. Other oils such as olive and palm oil are also known to nurture our hair; each of these oil has sebum that promotes healthy and shiny looking hair. Another ingredient besides these oils would be hydrolyzed keratin that nourishes our hair shaft without causing any breakages.

Hair color

Shea and coconut butter are mostly found in conditioners and styling products but they are also essential for hair color that can take away moisture from your hair. Different kinds of butter help lock down the moisture and lessen the impact of any treatment, which has caused damaged to our hair. They are also great alternatives for conditioning our hair too.

Styling Products

Excessive use of heating tools such as blow dryer, straighter or a curling rod can cause damage to our hair so search for the ingredient ‘silicone’ when buying a styling product. Silicones prevent hair from damaging due to the heat. One type of silicone would be dimenthicone that makes the hair shine by locking down hair cuticles and also prevents tangles.

Look out for hair products that will add shine and strength to your hair without causing any damage, don’t just look at a television commercial and start buying  hair products. Do your research, find out which are the necessary ingredients that you should look into before any shampoo, conditioner or styling product. This will help you achieve healthy and shiny beautiful looking hair.

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