There are a lot of common myths focusing on our sources of happiness. There are countless ways we want to live our lives such as get the job we have always dreamed about, getting married to the one we love or buying a big house and a fancy car. We want it all.

We believe that all these things will make us happy but what we don’t understand is that all of us are not the same; everyone has different dreams and wishes. We need to redirect our thinking and make practical decisions on how to live a lifestyle that would make us happy. Not everyone wants to get married or get higher education. We all have different ambitions in life.

We all have heard about stories focusing on the happily ever after and thus we start believing in them. We keep unrealistic goals and start focusing on unexpected paths towards happiness. Such stories do more harm than good; stop looking on ways to live a perfect lifestyle, try out a more radical approach towards life. There are a few things you should take into account so you could understand that having a perfect lifestyle is not everything.

Don’t Obsess Over Money

You must have heard the saying money does not buy happiness; this phrase focuses on other things that are important in our lives besides money. Money is essential to live our lives as without money it is impossible to survive in today’s world. Money can be anything you want it to be; depending on how you want to utilize it. Some people focus only on becoming rich that they forget to enjoy their lives.

Happy Endings

Stop looking for the one; don’t focus all your energy on finding the perfect life partner for yourself. No one is perfect, we all have flaws. We start believing that once we find the one, we will have our happily ever after just like in those bedtime stories or fairy tales. Majority of us consider marriage to be part of our lifestyle thus we start assuming this for others too. Just because someone is above a certain age and they are still single, people start sayings things like wait for the right time, wait till you find the one as if being married is something for all of us.

Education and Health

We have become judgmental of those who haven’t completed their education or have a bachelor’s degree. The key factor being that not everyone wants to study or go abroad to do some course or diploma, some people just want to focus on real life experiences rather than spending half of their time studying for some masters degree. On the other hand, some people cannot stop worrying about their health, they start glamourizing the idea of having the perfect health as part of their ideal lifestyle. We all want to look perfect so we start focusing too much on our diet and fitness. It is important to maintain your physical and mental health but focusing on trends will take you off the right track.

The ultimate goal is to achieve the perfect lifestyle that would include all the things we dreamed about but this rarely happens. Determine what things you value most about your life and hold onto them, assess the way you utilize your time and money. Decide your priorities and lastly spend more time with the people that matter to you.

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