An Athlete’s Guide to Hair Care

An Athlete's Guide to Hair Care

Athlete’s are in constant motion. This means they sweat –  a lot!

Experts don’t recommend you to wash your hair daily; it strips the scalp of its natural oils and health, and weakens the hair shaft. But what about the physically active?

Athlete’s found a way to hack hair care! Check out how to beat sweaty hair by using some cool tactics to keep your locks bouncy and healthy!


If you’re out running or swimming in the sun all day, you’ll want to protect your hair from UV rays, chlorine and the salts in your sweat. Athletes use hair creams and leave in serums which have UV deflecting and hydrating properties!

Or better yet, cover your hair with caps in the sun and/or water!

Not too tight!

Some athlete’s love their long locks, but during training, the mane goes up in ponytails. Experts suggest not tying hair up too tight or using scrunchies that can catch hair. This weakens the root and can cause premature balding. Tie a looser ponytail next time!

Dry Shampoo

Not only is it unhealthy to wash hair every day, but it’s also a tiring task. Athletes carry dry shampoo to spritz on their scalp in between washes to keep their heads dry, sweat free and odorless.

Treat Your Hair

Due to insane training schedules, athletes are exposed to tons of pollution in the air, free radicals and other unhealthy compounds that aren’t great for the hair. Using mild shampoos, hydrating hair treatments and soothing scalp treatments to maintain pH levels and balance hair oils is one of the best kept secrets of athletes!

So now that you’re privy to glamorous athlete hair care, time to treat your hair like a pro!

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