Hair fall is one of the most common hair problems that people are facing today. There are several factors, which lead to hair fall in men and women both. It can either be a short term or a long-term issue depending on the amount of hair fall you are facing daily. There are a number of things that can be done to protect your hair because just like our skin, our hair also needs our attention.

If your hair loss is sudden, continuous or gradual, there could be a number of reasons behind this. Here are some tips that will help you reduce hair fall.

Have A Good Diet

The food we eat not only affects our body but also affects our skin and hair. Our hair also requires minerals and vitamins to stay healthy, the most important one being biotin. So if you are suffering from hair fall, try to introduce more dairy products and green vegetables in your diet that have a rich source of biotin.

A healthy diet can make your hair stay strong. On the contrary, any deficiency in your diet will promote hair loss. Try to add more protein to your diet because healthy choices affect the strength, volume and growth of your hair.

Use of Shampoo

One of the most important elements in our hair care routine is the shampoo we use. Many shampoos we use, have harsh ingredients that we are often not aware about. Most of us don’t even read the labels properly before buying the product. This is probably because we have just seen an appealing advertisement with some actor or model using the same shampoo and their hair looks amazing so we follow them blindly without doing any homework. Hence, do your research, use a shampoo that’s mild in nature, and try switching products often to check the results if and whether you are experiencing hair loss or not.

Avoid Using Heat Styling Tools

We all love a great hair day but sometimes in order to have lovely hair, we make use of heat styling tools such as a blow dryer, straighter or curling rods. If you use these tools regularly, imagine the damage such heat would be causing. If you really have to use a dryer or straightener, try your best to use them on the minimum strength or let your hair dry first so the damage is less.

Hair Treatments

Hair treatments such as hair dye, highlights, low lights, rebounding and perms cause sudden and irreversible damage to our hair so we should try to keep them on a down low and avoid them as much as possible. Hair treatments don’t inhibit hair growth but they do cause damage to our hair promoting hair loss.

However most of the time, some people are more prone to hair loss than others but there is a solution to almost everything in today’s world. There are many treatments available that will stop your hair loss and even help you fix your other hair problems too but first try to work on your lifestyle, diet and habits to witness a positive change in your hair.

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