A Look at Hands on Healing Remedies

healing remedies

Are you tired of using medications and products that have unpronounceable ingredient names, and no long lasting effects? If this is one of your concerns, we have the top healing remedies for you that will allow you to be healthy without causing any side effects.

Forget about spending a fortune on expensive products that give results for limited days and invest in the remedies that give long lasting results at affordable prices.

Note: Some of the supplements recommended below may cause interference with prescriptions and OTC medicines, therefore, people with a medical condition, pregnant, or nursing will need to check with their pharmacist or physician before ingesting.


Arnica is an ointment that helps heal bruises faster. Moreover, this ointment lessens inflammations and pains as well.

To get maximum benefits from this ointment, you will need to apply it a couple of times throughout the day, every day.


Calendula, a marigold-derived extract, is an antibacterial that alleviates the risk of getting infections in open wounds while it clears up bruises faster.

Calendula is available in ointment, gel, and cream form. You can choose your form and apply it a couple of times, everyday.


Honey is the ultimate antibacterial and it promotes wounds to heal faster. Whether it is applied topically or consumed, honey has many benefits to the human body.

You can purchase premade honey compresses or make it yourself by applying ½ ounce of honey on a gauze pad and directly placing it on top of the affected area. The dressing can be changed two times a day for quick recovery.


Oatmeal is known to ease itchy patches like:

  • eczema
  • poison ivy
  • sunburns

Oats have a group of avenanthramides in it that blocks the release of histamine, alleviating itching and redness.

All you will need to do is take a sachet of rolled oats (must be 1 cup) and mix them with ¼ cup of baking soda. Place these ingredients in an old panty hose and drop it in a warm bath. Let it get diffused into the water for a couple of minutes and soak your body in it for 25 to 30 minutes. Keep repeating this as many times as needed.

Tamanu Oil

Tamanu oil is rich in anti-inflammatory fatty acids and it promotes the growth of newer and healthier tissues. For many years, this oil has been used to treat:

  • bug bites
  • sunburns
  • minor wounds
  • acne
  • stretch marks
  • warts

There is 100% natural tamanu oil available. You will need to mix a few drops into lotion or apply it directly on top of your skin. Do this a couple of times, every single day to gain maximum benefits. However, if you are nursing or pregnant, you must avoid this oil.

Tea Tree Oil

Derived from the leaves of a tree found on the northeast coast of Australia, tea tree oil has many antifungal and antibacterial properties that can heal:

  1. dandruff
  2. athlete’s foot
  3. acne
  4. nail fungus

You will need to use a couple of drops of this oil on your skin a couple times a day. A diluted version of this oil can be applied to the face as well for those that have sensitive skin.

These are the top healing remedies that every individual needs. The best part is that these healing remedies have many benefits as well, therefore, to maximize benefits, make sure you are using these on a daily basis.

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