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patriot power greens

Patriot Power Greens is a very interesting product. Normal products just claim to be beneficial for you, but this one goes much further. The official claims are that this tasty and very green drink was specially formulated for elite military people. The claim is that this was made specially to restore vitality and energy for soldiers. The claimed power in the drink is said to be equivalent to 38 vegetables and fruits, 7 digestive enzymes, and 10 different probiotics. Let’s look closely at the drink and see how its claims hold up.

Patriot Power Greens

The Origins

The ‘secret’ origins of the drink, according to the company that makes it, is that this was formulated in top secret experiments. The military wanted something that would allow soldiers to push themselves beyond exhaustion and feel invigorated again. This is where the ‘Patriot’ in the name comes from. This has made the drink very popular among people who are interested in military culture.

The Patriot Power Greens supplement is made by the Patriot Health Alliance.

There are some impressive scientists who have officially worked on this product. One of them is Dr. Lane Sebring M.D., a doctor from Texas as well as a board examiner for the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. He is the expert behind the product. According to him almost all the health conditions and stress have their roots in one place:


Most of us who work out and try to live healthily know what he is talking about. There is this physical feeling of weakness which we are trying to overcome – often mentally you are prepared to run further, to exercise more, but your body just doesn’t seem to have the energy. According to Dr. Lane Sebring here are some areas where this inflammation plays a key role:

  • Hip, knee, joints, and back pain
  • Physical discomfort and fatigue
  • Cloudy memory and mental fog
  • Problems in arteries, heart problems, and nerve cells
  • New cellular generation and growth

What Patriot Green Does

Patriot Power Greens focuses on providing your body with the supplements that it needs to not be inflamed. Your body has a reserve of energy – once this reserve is depleted you start feeling like you cannot do anything anymore. That is where this product comes in – it provides your body with extra energy which allows you to feel fresh and invigorated, and thus allows you to push yourself further.

The claims that Patriot Health Alliance makes about this product seem at times, to be honest, a but ridiculous. They claim that people will be running laps around their grandchildren. We don’t expect the product to have that amazing of an effect, but it has piqued our curiosity. Look, we all know how marketing is always hyping up products – we don’t mind when we drink a Red Bull and actual wings don’t grow out (though we definitely wouldn’t mind if they did either!), so we will let that pass. What we are interested in is what the drink actually accomplishes.

How The Drink Feels

Here’s the good part – the drink does actually make you feel more energetic and youthful. You will indeed feel that you can run farther than you can normally do, and you probably will actually be running farther than you actually do. Will you be running laps around your grandchildren? That seems unlikely, but to say that the drink has no effect on the amount of fatigue and stress the drinker feels would be wrong as well.

How It Works

The way that Patriot Power Greens works is very simple – it provides your body with what it needs at that moment. Your body starts running low on energy, so it needs new energy. This product basically contains all the things needed for that energy to be created again in your body, and it takes those things from wherever it can get. That is why there are so many ingredients – if there is something which helps people feel more energy, you will probably find it included in the list of ingredients for Patriot Power Green.

Does this mean that Patriot Power Greens is just another simple drink? Not really – their formulation is excellent, and it is clear that they did their research when they were making this product. Drinking a glass of this product will provide your body with nutrients taken from fruits, from vegetables, from probiotics, and much more. We have seen this before -the products that have the simplest way or working also have the highest chances of actually doing what they claim to do.

The Ingredients

The ingredients are definitely the most important part of any supplement – they are the whole point that the supplement exists. The ingredient list of Patriot Power Greens is expansive and impressive. However, we do have one concern. We understand that it has 38 vegetables and fruits, 7 digestive enzymes, and 10 different probiotics in the ingredients. However, the fact that there are so many different ingredients opens up a new set of problems. While technically the supplement does have all these ingredients, it doesn’t have any one of them in a significant enough quantity. In other places the quantity is never made explicit so you don’t know how much of it is included in one serving.

For example, kale is one of the listed ingredients, which is great. Anyone who is serious about their energy intake knows how powerful kale can be. However, we have no way of ascertaining how much of kale there is in the drink. Another great example would be spirulina. For those unaware, spirulina is a superfood from Japan. It is a very powerful thing to take, and can really help you exercise better and be healthier. It enriches your body with nutrients that allow it to push harder. However, in almost all the research that has been conducted on spirulina, the researchers used dosage which roughly come out to 10 grams a day or more. If you look at the ingredients of Patriot Power Greens and do the math, you’ll see that one serving of Patriot Power Greens included approximate a gram of spirulina. Is it even effective at that point? Honestly speaking it seems like Patriot Health Alliance thought that since all these ingredients are helpful for the body and give it energy, they can just mix them together to make something that makes you really energetic. And you know what, I don’t think we can disagree with the results.

Is It Worth It?

Now comes the conclusion. At the end of the day, is Patriot Power Greens something that you should take? If you feel the lack of energy, and if you feel that your mental strength has outgrown your physical strength then you should. Here’s the thing – we can’t say we understand the science behind Patriot Power Green, but we can definitely understand the logic behind it. We also think that the unique approach taken by this product may end up being helpful in many ways.

When you take supplements, there is always that voice at the back of your head telling you that something might go wrong. If you take a specialized supplement there is always a chance that it will throw your body’s system out of balance and will result in some harmful side effects. This is a good fear to have and you should always research properly if you want to stay healthy. However, these problems always happen because most supplements are providing you with a single powerful ingredient, and overdosing on that can be bad for you.

Patriot Power Greens has so many ingredients that we don’t think any such reaction is likely. You won’t overdose simply because the supplement’s ingredients are so diverse. You are only getting a small dosage of each ingredient in the product, and thus it is highly unlikely that one of them will begin harming your system. This is also why we understand the logic behind this product. Patriot Health Alliance put in everything that is good for your body in terms of energy in one product. The unsurprising result is a drink that is good for your body in terms of energy.

What will this mean for you as the consumer? It will mean that you will feel like you have an additional burst of energy with you. You can measure it too – just see how far you can run normally or how many pushups you can do, and then start drinking the product and see how much of an increase there is. As we said before, we aren’t buying the whole marketing angle behind the product. We don’t really think this is a super-secret formula that was made for soldiers. We don’t think the origins of this product are top secret. We also do not think that if you gave this to your grandfather he will be able to run laps around you.

What we do believe easily however is that Patriot Power Greens gives your body what it needs to fight inflammation. We believe that for two simple reasons. The first reason is that when we tried the product we could feel the difference that it made in our bodies. The second, and much more important reason is that there is no logical way that this product will not work. It is chock full of ingredients that are good for you one way or the other. All the things that have been used to make Patriot Green Power are already well-known to be helpful in providing the body with the energy it needs.

As always, we would recommend that you be cautious with the new supplement. You never know how the supplement will interact with your body. If you are already taking some medications, then make sure you talk to your doctor about the supplements you are about to take, just to make sure that there are no harmful interactions between the two. The Patriot Power Greens product is huge in people who love the military and want to feel more energetic. However, you don’t need to be in love with the army or even a patriot to use this product – it works, it has the right ingredients, and you should try and see how it works for you.

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