An Incredibly Easy Way to Get Natural Curls

An Incredibly Easy Way to Get Natural Curls

If you were born with straight hair and are afraid you’ll damage your hair with curling irons, there are some natural ways that can help. You’ve probably heard a lot of, “use rag rolls”, or “use buns or braids”. These people know exactly what we intend to explain so you can get yourself some natural and beautiful curls.

Let’s see how:

Step 1

The problem with using rags for your hair is that you’ll need a lot of them. What if we told you that you can cut your socks, t-shirts or towels in half instead? Remember not to keep these strips too thin or short because these will be used to tie up some sections of your hair.

Step 2

Now you should get your hair damp and clean – but not dripping wet. If you have thick hair though, you can blow dry them a little bit so they’re aren’t dry all-the-way. Now add some curl enhancing cream, hair gel or mousse to your hair. If you skip this step, then the curls won’t last as long.

Step 3

Now you should divide your hair into small sections using some clips. Once you’ve done so, wrap these sections using the cut-up pieces of socks or towels. You should wrap in such a manner that the curled up rag reaches all the way to your scalp. If small sections have been wrapped up, then you’ll have tight curls (and vice versa). Once one section is done, tie the cloth into a knot so it holds your hair in position.

Step 4

Now that all the sections have been rolled up to the scalp, you can use your blow-dryer to dry your hair completely or let it dry while you sleep. When you remove these natural rollers, you’ll see those beautiful curls you’ve always yearned for.

It as easy as that! As you walk around, watch those curls bounce along with you!

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