Hair Straightening. Tips and Hacks

Admit it ladies, we all love the sleek, silky feel of straight hair. It’s that one style that looks good no matter what!

But are you straightening your hair the right way?

Scroll down to read some expert tips on how to straighten your hair like a pro!

Moisturize Your Hair

Prepare your hair by making sure it is properly hydrated and moisturized. Dry hair will never give you the satisfying sleek look. It is advisable to use a smoothing conditioner to lock in as much moisture as possible.

Dry Hair Only!

Nothing damages your hair more than trying to straighten them when they are still wet. Your hot iron can literally boil wet hair. You can even see the steam coming off! Use a hair dryer if you have to but make sure your hair is bone dry when you straighten them.

Divide Hair into Sections

Don’t try to straighten your hair all at once. You will just end up sliding the iron more times than necessary. Instead of haphazardly grabbing fistfuls of hair, divide it into sections. Work on one section at a time. It will help you achieve the perfect look in less time.

Hold Your Hair Right

Make sure you are holding your hair taut. This way it will need fewer swipes of the iron to straighten, consequently resulting in less damage. Grip your hair tightly and pull them taut to create tension, starting from the roots. It will make the straightening process a lot easier.

Finishing Products

The importance of finishing products cannot be emphasized enough. To maintain a sleek, silky look, it is absolutely essential to use these products. It is advisable to steer clear of silicones and oil-based products. Instead, use a light hold hairspray to hold your hair in place.

So, are you ready to turn up your styling game and turn down the damage by following these expert tips?

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