Lavender Oil for Hair Problems

Who hasn’t heard of Rapunzel and wished for hair like hers?

Leave aside a gold crown; what we really want is a tiara of voluminous, healthy and shiny hair on our head!

Do you have a similar wish? But are instead challenged with thin, dry and lifeless hair? Or worse still, hair fall or low re-growth?

Then lavender oil is the miracle you have been waiting for!

Lavender oil to boost hair growth and reduce hair fall

Mix a teaspoon of lavender oil, half a teaspoon of rosemary oil and two drops of thyme and cedar wood oil each, in two teaspoons of coconut oil and massage well onto your scalp. Then wash it off with warm water normally.

For best results leave it overnight and repeat at least twice a week for two months. Not only will you enjoy a sound and peaceful sleep, your hair will start growing thicker noticeably. This stimulates you scalp so will be more relaxed and less stressed. And less stress means less hair fall too!

Lavender oil for live an shine

To get that spotlight-like shine in your dull, lifeless hair, mix one part lavender oil in two parts coconut or jojoba oil and massage thoroughly from the roots to tips. Wrap your hair in a steamed towel and leave for at least 3 hours. Then rinse as usual.
Repeat around twice a week and you will have not just dazzling, lustrous hair, your dandruff will be castaway as well.


Lavender oil for other hair problems

Besides these, other benefits of lavender oil include extermination of hair lice and its eggs, preventing premature graying of hair, healing minor scalp injuries and antimicrobial properties which help in preventing the growth of bacteria and fungi.


So, now that you know of its wondrous powers, when are you grabbing the first bottle of lavender oil to say hello to the gorgeous locks you have always dreamt of?

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