Tips to Maintain Your Curly Hair

Tips to Maintain Your Curly Hair

There are many things that only women with naturally curly hair know – like how annoying it is to have something tangled in your hair most especially the brush itself. And how unpredictable our style can be if we have curly hair. We have all had moments of envy towards our straight haired friends (they have it so easy!), but ultimately there is something irresistibly gorgeous about curls, and we would not change that for the world. Curly hair can often be vulnerable to breakage though, so the big challenge here is how to manage curly hair so that it stays its glossy, bouncy, voluminous best. The following tips should help:

  • Throw away the Brush

No matter how tempted you are to reach for the brush, curly haired women should never use one. When you brush curly hair, you make the curls frizzier and bigger, disrupting the state of the curls. Instead, simply use your hands or a wide toothcomb. Start with combing your hair from the bottom up. Starting at the bottom allows you to gently detangle each knot, rather than compounding them all towards the bottom.

  • Go easy on the drying

After you step out of the shower or bath, don’t immediately wrap your hair up in a towel. Don’t towel dry it, instead be gentle with the curls and use a soft t-shirt or cotton like material to soak up extra moisture. Let your hair air dry, or if you are pressed for a time use a diffuser. Diffusers help prevent the frizz of a blow dryer and keep curls looking fresh. A big part of curly hair care is learning how to dry it gently. When you dry your hair, using a diffuser instead of a blow dryer helps reduce frizz by distributing the heat evenly – but don’t over-dry. Just dry out the majority of the water in your hair and then leave the rest to dry naturally.

  • Moisturizing your hair is key

Apply curly hair products while your hair is still wet. This will help lock in the moisture and keep your curls thick and lustrous. Products such as the L’Oreal’s Mythic Oil or the Dove Elixir add shine and luminosity to your curls. A simple, cheaper and more organic alternative would be to use just a few drops of coconut oil on your curls while they are still damp.  This helps to not only smooth your curls, but also but gives them definition and separation.

  • Stop Touching!

One of the worst effects of toying with your curls is that you actually ruin their look. Avoiding the fizziness is one good reason you should not touch your hair too much, but it is not the only reason. Did you know you could damage your hair by touching it too much? Hands can spread excess oil to the curls and disrupt their pattern.

Lastly, the most important thing curly-haired women can do is embrace and love their curls.

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