Why You Should Start Oiling Your Hair This Instant

If you have never been told to regularly oil your hair, you should probably start doing it right this second! Oiling is one of the best things you can do to your hair. It is the key to stronger, longer, healthier and beautiful hair.

There is a huge variety of hair oils from raw coconut and olive oil to essential oils like lavender and jojoba. Each oil comes with its share of unique benefits but all of them guarantee strong, lustrous and healthy hair.

Here is a list of the numerous benefits of oiling your hair regularly and reasons why you should do it if you don’t already.

Boosts Hair Growth

Hair loss is more often than not caused by lack of nutrition to the hair, which makes it weak and dull. When you hair doesn’t get enough amount of nutrients and proper nourishment, it is likely to become vulnerable, more prone to breakage and damage from heat and chemicals.

Hair oils contain different essential nutrients that your hair needs to stay strong and healthy. This significantly reduces hair loss and boosts the growth of new hair follicles as well.

Prevents Graying

Many people suffer from premature graying which often occurs due to vitamin B12 deficiency. Oiling regularly prevents that from happening by supplying your hair with vital vitamins and minerals.

Stops Dandruff

Dandruff is a sign of a dry, itchy scalp that is highly prone to breakage and stretching. A dry scalp also induces hair fall along with other hair issues like hair lice and nits. Regular oiling helps keep your scalp wet and moisturized, prevents dryness in the scalp and also reduces itchiness, thereby preventing dandruff altogether.

Adds Strength and Shine

Oiling will fulfill your dream of having lustrous, strong and healthy locks. If you don’t oil your hair, you will eventually end up with dry and brittle hair that just looks dull and lifeless. Oiling provides a layer of sheen to your hair that makes it look shiny and glossy.

Are you ready to buy you favorite hair oil, then?

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