The Downside of Too Much Caffeine

On days when you’re running late, you might be tempted to skip breakfast and your morning exercise…but nobody likes to skip their morning coffee. It’s the most important drink of the day that magically melts away all the tiredness.

But it’s not all magic. Most of it is just heaps of caffeine that lead to an adrenaline rush. The energy is important but too much caffeine can actually be counter-productive.

If you’ve been religiously having coffee in the morning, you may notice reduced alertness over time. This is because your body becomes immune to the drug after dozing on it for so long.

Here is what happens when you drink too much caffeine:

Insomnia and Restlessness

Soon enough, it’ll be hard to catch up on your sleep because the caffeine will have ruined your circadian rhythm. It inhibits Adenosine – a natural tranquilizer in the brain – which makes it hard to fall asleep. Some people also jitter and grow restless over time.

Hormonal Acne

People who managed to give up coffee for good immediately reported improvement in their skins. Caffeine, dairy, and sugar are a threatening combo that worsens acne. It messes up the hormonal balance, resulting in breakouts.


Drinking only high-caffeine beverages in a day can dehydrate you. Coffee isn’t meant to quench your thirst. In fact, it has a slightly diuretic effect that triggers more trips to the loo and hence, loss of water.


People addicted to coffee, experience symptoms of caffeine withdrawal such as irritability, drowsiness, headaches, and muscle cramps.

Heart Palpitations

Too much caffeine stimulates the central nervous system which consequently quickens the heartbeat. In fact, some people also report altered heart beat rhythms and high blood pressure. Although the symptoms are rare, you should definitely be on the lookout.

Watch out for these warning signs and limit your intake to not more than two cups a day.

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