The Anatomy of A Healthy Breakfast

healthy breakfast

You know the saying: breakfast is the most important meal of the day. That’s why nutritionist Adelle Davis said: “Eat breakfast like a king.” Not lunch, mind you, nor dinner. But breakfast. So why is breakfast so important?

There are many reasons why breakfast is important. First off:

  • It gives you energy for the daily activities ahead
  • Eating a nutritious breakfast helps prevent weight gain
  • When we don’t eat a proper breakfast, it affects both our physical and mental well-being
  • Without eating at the start of the day, you increase your chances of health issues (i.e., heart disease)
  • When we wake up, our blood sugar is low which can effect our muscle and brain function – breakfast heightens our blood sugar
  • Your body “fasts” overnight, since you go eight hours without eating. If you don’t eat when you wake up, your concentration is affected

Therefore, experts say that women should eat around 300-500 calories during breakfast. Men should consume 375-625 calories.

What is a Well Balanced Breakfast?

Let’s begin by saying a well balanced breakfast does not consist of sugary cereals. Nor does it consist of high protein with even higher fat, such as bacon. There is a common misconception that this constitutes as a healthy breakfast: pancakes with syrup and butter, scrambles eggs, fried bacon, cereal with a high sugar content, coffee and/or orange juice.

According to nutritionists and dietitians, you can define a well-balanced breakfast if it includes foods from at least three of the five food groups. If you need an elementary school refresher of the food pyramid, the five food groups are:

  • Vegetables, legumes and beans
  • Fresh fruit
  • Grains
  • Lean meats, poultry and eggs (also tofu)
  • Dairy (milk, cheese, yogurt, dairy alternatives)
We suggest four so you can replenish your body with extra nutrients to kick-start your day.

The Anatomy of a Healthy Breakfast

We chose four of the five food groups. We included grain, fruit, protein (dairy) and a healthy fat (another fruit).  This is a simple and delicious breakfast you can whip up in ten minutes.
Oatmeal Cereal 
healthy breakfast
Oatmeal, or porridge, is packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants necessary to fuel you throughout the day. To list of the nutrients found in oatmeal, you receive manganese, magnesium, copper, iron, zinc, folate, vitamins B1 and B5 and much more. They’re high in protein and fiber to keep you full for hours.
healthy breakfast
Don’t opt for one fruit: pick a variety of fruits that increase energy, concentration and are known “brain foods.” We suggest the following assortment of fruits for your breakfast:
  • Banana – This sweet fruit will increase your energy levels better than a hot cup of coffee.
  • Blueberries – These blue delights will increase your memory and concentration to tackle whatever the day brings your way.
  • Raisins – Surprisingly, raisins are considered a brain food (like blueberries) because they increase your attention and memory.
  • Fruits you love – All fruits are beneficial, so incorporate a few of your favorites into the mix.

Egg Whites 

healthy breakfast

You can certainly eat a whole egg and still enjoy a healthy breakfast. The yolk within an egg contains most on the nutrients. Unfortunately it also contributes to high cholesterol. If you’re not at risk of dietary cholesterol, enjoy the whole egg. Still, we recommend an egg white omelet with vegetables. Egg whites are a rich source of protein with zero cholesterol. Add arugula, spring onions, tomato, white onions and a little hot sauce to your egg white omelet and enjoy.

Healthy Fat 

healthy breakfast

There are many healthy fats, but we chose half or a quarter of sliced avocado. This will make your breakfast nutritionally complete and delicious. As you may already know, avocados have an assortment of vitamins and minerals and contain no cholesterol or sodium. Let’s not forget that they are rich in healthy fat (15 grams) but low in saturated fat. A note of caution: don’t eat too much, as this can lead in weight gain.

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