What Exactly is a Balanced Diet?

What Exactly is a Balanced Diet?

For most lifestyle and health problems you are told of one solution, which is a balanced diet. But isn’t it confusing to decide what actually falls under the category of a balanced diet? I’m sure you all think that including all essential nutrients in your diet could be used as a good representation of a balanced diet, but how far is that true? Or does the content and amount of those nutrients matter just as much?

The main function of a balanced diet is to create a healthy lifestyle for you. This lifestyle includes all necessary nutrients in the correct proportions in your daily meals. Most rigorous diets fail to fall in line with the concept of a balanced diet, be it the high fat keto or the famous high protein diet. Each of you must consume a healthy diet on a daily basis. An excess of anything can be harmful to your body.

The balanced diet revolves around the consumption of 7 main nutrients. These include carbohydrates, minerals, water, vitamins, proteins, fibers, and fats. Now the only question remaining is where we can get these from.

The best way to help yourself start a balanced diet is to observe the trends or patterns of your eating habits. Notice whether you eat too much of any nutrient in specific, for example, too many fats or too much sugar. These are the two foods most commonly overtaken. Once you’ve recognized the need to put a halt to excess cravings which imbalance your daily diet, half of your work is already done.

Now, all that you need to do is to deduct empty calories added to your body via the consumption of junk foods such as sausages, cookies or energy/soft drinks. Once you’ve done this, you need to divert your focus to nutritious foods. Increase the consumption of greens and other fresh vegetables. Vegetables like beetroot and bell pepper are high in vitamin E, this helps your skin stay strong and fresh. You should also consume more of the vegetables and fruits which consists of citric acid as its helps your skin in detoxification and fighting unwanted bacteria.

Not only vegetables and fruits, but also add a fair proportion of whole grains, legumes, and proteins. To increase their content in your body, you can start eating bread or lentils for grains and legumes and add more meat, eggs or almonds in your diet for protein.

Moreover, to ensure that a balanced diet works on you positively, you need to start eating according to your age. What does this mean? This means that as your body grows, the number of calories it requires changes as well. So for instance if you are an active 14-30-year-old woman, you would be required to consume at least 2,400 calories daily. On the contrary, men in the same age group should have 2,800 to 3,200 calories.

Keeping all these factors in mind, you can plan for yourself a well-balanced healthy diet. A healthy diet does not only add value to your body, but also your mind. It keeps you fresh and away from any unnecessary stress!

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