5 Natural Remedies to Get Rid of a Headache


Piercing, throbbing or coming in waves, a headache is that unwelcome guest that puts a stop to all of your daily and normal activities for the day.

Often there is an underlying condition that is the root cause of a headache such as stress, lack of sleep, eyesight problems etc.

If you have recurring headaches then it is always a good idea to get yourself checked to determine the reason behind it as there are different headaches related to different health conditions.

In the meanwhile, here are 5 natural remedies for getting rid of that annoying headache:

Go for a walk

Okay, this might seem counterproductive as all you want to do when you have a headache is lie down and close your eyes. But in many cases, it doesn’t help and all you end up doing is tossing and turning. Going for a walk outside will give you fresh air, distract you from anything that is causing you tension and eventually relax you.

Make sure to walk in an area that has some greenery as it is proven to provide comfort and decrease cortisol levels in the body. Walk in a garden, park or anywhere there is plenty of natural beauty.

Get adequate sleep

Have you been cutting back on the sleep hours by staying up late? This could be one of the reasons why your head is trying to tell you. Many people even if they go to bed early, stay awake for hours by using their phones or tablets in hand. The light emitted from these devices make the brain think that it’s still day time and so it doesn’t release serotonin which is your body’s natural sleep inducer. Less sleeping hours on a regular basis will eventually lead to headaches and grogginess later on.


Headaches are a sign that something in the body is amiss. Meditation plays a huge role in calming the body and decreasing stress levels. Sit in a quiet and dimly lit area. Close your eyes and try to free your mind from anything that is worrying you. Picture something that makes you happy or calms you e.g. your children, pets or the ocean waves.

You can also think nothing at all and simply take long and heavy deep breathes. Before you know it, your headache will diminish greatly and you won’t have that nagging ache.

Cool it

Use an ice pack and place it over your head. You can place it on the forehead, temples or in the back of your head. This will make the muscles in your head relaxed thereby alleviating the pain.

Warm it

Take a warm bath or shower when you have a headache, preferably with some essential oils added to the bathtub such as lavender, rose or ylang ylang. The warm water and hot steam will make the muscles loosen up and relax and you will feel the headache fading away in no time.

With these 5 natural headache busting hacks in hand, your pain will be gone in a jiffy!

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