DermaSet Neck, Chin and Jawline Regimen Product Review

DermaSet Neck, Chin and Jawline Regimen Product Review

The skin on your neck, chin and jawline is just as susceptible to aging as the skin on your face. Nevertheless, they remain forgotten areas as we focus on skincare products that target under-eye circles, skin complexion and, of course, cellulite wherever we can spot it. Don’t forget that your neck, chin and jawline need to be properly protected, too. If you did forget, no worries – DermaSet didn’t. They devised their DermaSet Neck, Chin and Jawline Regimen to correct those years of neglect.

DermaSet Neck, Chin and Jawline Regimen was formulated with ingredients that specifically target the skin in these areas. Why not use the anti-aging cream you use for your face in these areas? Good question. The answer: you can, but it’s not advised. The skin along your neck, chin and jawline is thinner and more delicate, therefore requires a slightly different formula to see results.

Before we get into ingredients, here’s some information about DermaSet:

About DermaSet

  • Quality ingredients: no toxins, irritants, or sensitizing agents
  • 100% cruelty-free
  • All of their products are suitable for men and women

DermaSet is a top-rated anti-aging skin care brand that incorporates all-natural ingredients in everything they make. The result: a successful line of anti-aging products that increase the skin’s ability to retain firmness, moisture, and elasticity.

About DermaSet Neck, Chin and Jawline Regimen

  • Lightweight formula that targets delicate skin
  • Made with all-natural, organic ingredients
  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Hydrates and brightens skin
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • 100% Cruelty-free

 DermaSet Neck, Chin and Jawline Regimen Product Review

You’re probably cautious about anti-wrinkle products because many don’t work. There’s a reason those products didn’t work. Most skincare products sold at major retailers either don’t have the right ingredients, or they do but at such a small percentage, it hardly works. DermaSet’s product is packed with ingredients to improve skin elasticity, visibly tighten, lift, and firm skin, and minimize horizontal fine lines and sagging.

With consistent use, you’re likely to see improvement within weeks, certain to see a difference within a couple of months. Your problem areas will continuously improve over time. An added benefit is that DermaSet Neck, Chin and Jawline Regimen comes in an airtight tube to keep the ingredients fresh. And you don’t have to dip your fingers in, so there’s no risk of contamination as with pots.

Of course, no product is going to completely reverse the signs of aging, but DermaSet Neck, Chin and Jawline Regimen minimizes it considerably. And it’s more affordable than surgery.

To use, apply one or two pumps of the product on your palm and gently spread it over your skin while massaging the neck, chin, jaw and décolletage in circular motions. Do this every night as a final step in your skincare routine.

What’s in it?

All of DermaSet’s products have natural ingredients, including their Neck, Chin and Jawline Regimen cream. This product has three main ingredients to moisturize and reinforce aging skin.

  • Jojoba oil
  • Aloe barbadensis leaf juice
  • Marigold flower extract

Jojoba Oil

The neck, chin and jawline are prone to dryness and thinning, which leads to skin that sags and droops as we age. These areas have always had fewer oil glands and fatty tissues than, for example, your face. That’s why the neck, chin and jawline are the first to show signs of aging. However, jojoba oil closely resembles human sebum, which makes it effective at treating a range of skin conditions.

Benefits of jojoba oil include:

  • Rich in antioxidants to minimize signs of aging
  • Soothes and moisturizes skin
  • Creates a protective barrier to retain moisture
  • Not an ingredient that easily clogs pores

Its ability to improve the health of your skin, such as fine lines and texture is a primary reason jojoba oil is used in anti-aging products. It’s also rich in Omega- 3 fatty acids, so the oil sinks deep into the skin rather than sitting at the surface like most conventional products. It can be used on its own but works effectively when combined with other powerful ingredients, like aloe vera.

Aloe Vera

Aloe barbadensis leaf juice is the liquid extracted from the aloe vera plant. Almost anyone who has purchased a skincare product has used aloe vera.

Its benefits include:

  • Rehydrates dry, damaged skin
  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Improves elasticity and collagen production

You probably know that Aloe’s high-water content makes it a good moisturizer, but what makes aloe vera so good at reducing wrinkles? One reason is sterols. Sterols are molecules that promote the production of collagen and hyaluronic acid. This helps the skin retain moisture, making fine lines, wrinkles and crepey skin less noticeable.

Marigold Flower Extract (Calendula)

The third key ingredient in DermaSet Neck, Chin and Jawline Regimen is marigold flower extract. This floral extract can be found in most of your skincare products under the name calendula. That’s because it corrects many skin concerns, including signs of aging.

Benefits of marigold flower extract include:

  • Increases skin tightness (builds collagen)
  • Adds elasticity
  • Increases the skin’s ability to retain moisture

When it comes to fighting the signs of aging, marigold flower extract comes through in two ways: first, it encourages collagen production, which leads to tighter skin, and it also helps the skin retain moisture.

It’s good that DermaSet uses natural ingredients, as both science and history has taught us that using the most sustainable ingredients is the best way to reduce signs of aging and other skin issues.

Should you Buy?

Definitely. Especially if you’re over the age of 30. By 30, your skin is already performing less than it did in your 20s (i.e., your skin naturally exfoliates less frequently). So, pack your skincare arsenal with powerful ammunition.

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