Life’s Butter Body Oil Product Review

Meet the caramel and pistachio-flavored body oil by Life’s Butter, the latest addition to the company’s all-natural anti-cellulite/stretchmark product line. As far as body oils go, this product has all the skin-loving ingredients your body needs for that youthful-looking glow.

The “secret” behind this luxurious formula is perhaps its blend of the most popular skincare oils in the industry, including sunflower, jojoba, and almond. Just a few drops, and your skin will immediately benefit from each high-performing ingredient.

Life’s Butter Body Oil – What is it?

The skin on your body needs as much attention as you give to your face. Body oils give it that much-needed love and attention. The right body oil will be able to hydrate and soothe skin while correcting a few imperfections.

When you think about the skin on your body, a few “imperfections” likely come to mind. Stretch

marks and uneven skin tone (also cellulite, but there are better products to treat that).

Of course, this formula isn’t only designed to treat those two common skin issues. As with any high-quality body oil, the latest from Life’s Butter is made to treat all skin types, particularly dry skin and individuals with inflammatory skin conditions, such as eczema and rosacea. If your body produces less oil than others, body oils are perfect at restoring hydration and locking in moisture to prevent dry, aging skin. Unlike lotions, oils are completely organic and contain absolutely no alcohol.

What about skin types that produce too much oil?

Don’t worry, you’re not excluded, either.

Massaging the right oils into your skin provides commonly neglected areas with extra love and care. Let’s not forget that if you have oily skin, you can benefit from using certain oils! Jojoba, for example (which you’ll find in Life’s Butter Body Oil), can help balance your oil production without leaving a greasy feel.

While some moisturizers can be heavy for oily skin types, this quick-absorbing formula penetrates deep into the skin, leaving it supple without causing acne or breakouts.

A few of the main ingredients include organic:

  • Sunflower oil
  • Jojoba oil
  • Almond oil
  • Grapeseed oil

Without describing the benefits of each main ingredient in too much detail, we’ll summarize by saying your skin will receive soothing hydration along with strength and protection. Infused with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and fatty acids, this body oil can protect the skin against free radicals, such as UV rays and air pollutants.

Use for Stretchmarks & Uneven Skin Tone

The right body oil will be multipurpose. In addition to hydration for soft and dewy skin, it can also treat stretch marks and uneven skin tone.

We’re all about loving the skin we’re in, but who will say NO to getting rid of stretch marks?

Stretch marks commonly occur after rapid weight gain, pregnancy, genetics, or due to hormonal changes. Whatever the cause, ingredients like almond oil can be the solution. Almond oil is a safe, all-natural remedy to reduce stretch marks or prevent them during pregnancy.

Struggling with uneven skin tone or old scars that won’t go away? The vitamins and minerals in jojoba oil create a more even complexion for pigmented skin. This nourishing formula can also aid in scar reduction.

How to Apply

Application is simple, but there’s a “trick” to ensure you get the most bang for your buck. We recommend applying it after you shower, while your skin is still damp. This helps lock in moisture for smoother skin. Another trick is to apply in circular motions, from bottom to top for a rejuvenating lymphatic massage.

A little goes a long way for sufficient coverage, so as much as you’re going to love that caramel scent, try not to overdo it!

About the scent: we understand that fragrances aren’t for everyone, but there’s a strong bet you’re going to love the caramel-pistachio scent of the new Life’s Butter Body Oil.

How Does it Feel?

Probably a little different for everybody, depending on their skin type.

From personal experience, individuals with combination or dry skin will immediately feel the soothing, hydrating benefits of this formula. If you can’t find the right lotion or body cream, perhaps this is the product your skin has been looking for.

Again, because of its lightweight design, even if you have normal or oily skin, this body oil will feel a lot like your second skin while balancing excessive sebum production. It applies smoothly with no sticky or greasy residue, just a velvety finish.

The Verdict

Life’s Butter Body Oil is an impressive product that can be used for many purposes. Its lightweight texture makes it suitable for all skin types as a go-to moisturizer. While it shouldn’t replace your sunscreen, it’s made with ingredients that strengthen the skin barrier, protecting it against free radicals.

Our verdict: keep this body oil close, whether using it as an anti-stretchmark treatment, a moisturizer, or as a little of everything.