Is Glé Good Night with Retinol an Effective Night Cream?

Please read below for an informative review on one of the latest night creams that I have been using. It is a night cream blended with retinol and other natural ingredients to reduce the signs of aging and to also prevent new ones from forming.  I have been using this cream every single night since I received it in the mail. I am completely obsessed with it and it’s only been 4 weeks.

Do I need a prescription for this cream since it contains retinol?

No, there is no need to get a prescription. Glé Good Night with Retinol is blended with other natural oils, so it is not as harsh as prescription retinol that is more concentrated. This ensures that it is safe and still remarkably effective to use every day.  Glé Good Night with Retinol contains just the right amount to make a difference without needing to get a prescription and go the long way to great skin.

What are the benefits of using a night cream that contains retinol?

Retinol is very commonly used in face creams due to the numerous benefits such as reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, tightening the saggy skin, and even helps with the acne scarring that is extremely difficult to tackle. Retinol is a form of Vitamin A that helps speed up the anti-aging process. It smooths skin and can improve radiance.

What are some side effects that I should be expecting?

Given that Retinol is an amazingly potent ingredient, it may cause the skin to redden at first. You just need to give your skin a little time to adjust.  You may decrease the use of the cream to every other day in the beginning if this occurs.  It is also especially important to always use sunscreen when using any product that contains Retinol. Oh, and make sure you only use this at night- hence “Good Night Cream”.

What are other key ingredients in Glé Good Night with Retinol?

Jojoba Oil is an oil that comes from a plant that grows here in North America. You can find the Jojoba plant in more desert-like climates such as Arizona.  This oil is very nutritious for the skin and can be used alone for many things like reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and moisturizing all around that lasts. It ensures that your skin will be hydrated and stay that way no matter what climate you are in.

Candelilla Esters is a wax that comes from the leaves of the candelilla plant that can be found in most desert regions.  When used in anti-aging products, this ingredient acts as an exfoliant that will smooth and brightens skin tone. It also works to protect the skin from harmful agents.

Tapioca Starch is made from cassava roots and is used to thicken products to give them less of a liquid texture. Just as starch in foods causes them to thicken as well. This starch can also help to rid the wet, sticky feeling that most creams leave on the skin. When using tapioca starch, the product goes on smoother and there is no greasy residue.

Is Glé Good Night with Retinol fragrance-free?

Yes! I am delighted to say that there are zero scents here. That is why this cream is suitable for most, even those that have overly sensitive skin. I am acne-prone so I cannot use any face cream that contains fragrance because I will break out in seconds.

Where can I purchase this night cream and how much does it cost?

Glé Good Night with Retinol can be purchased directly on the company website and is now available on Amazon.  There is an introductory price now at $49.99 for a 2 oz sized jar. The usual price is $69.99. There are some bundle specials on the company website that are constantly changing. Unfortunately, there is no current mention of any return policy.  Hopefully, one will become available soon.

Glé Good Night Cream is not only for women. Men can enjoy the benefits of this anti-aging cream as well.

My husband started to use my cream since it is in fact unisex. The packing is super chic and simple. Not a girly-looking product at all so he feels wonderfully comfortable.  The only problem is, I need to buy more Glé Good Night Cream!!

Is Glé Good Night with Retinol a cruelty-free product?

Yes!  This cream is cruelty-free and does not harm any animals at any time in the process of manufacturing.

Super cute packaging and it is also 100% recyclable!

I love that this cream comes in a 100% recyclable container and I can tell you that I will be reusing it before I recycle. It is the perfect size container (2 oz) to store lotions in when traveling. We must take care of our environment and do our part.  Everything that was used in the packaging is also 100% recyclable.

How do I use Glé Good Night with Retinol?

Start by cleansing your face the way that you do every night. Pay dry and apply the cream in a smooth, circular motion. Avoid any eye contact, and do not put cream around the eye. This is not an eye cream. Make sure to wash the cream off your hands. Then you can go to bed feeling accomplished because that is when the Glé Good Night Cream starts to work its magic, while you sleep.

Sweet dreams!

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