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About 6 years ago, Virtue had discovered something magical. Their group of bio-scientists came up with a unique way to collect the purest form of Keratin – Alpha Keratin 60ku. With this protein in its purest form, they had unlocked the best method of making hair, skin, and nails beautiful.

What excites the company about Alpha Keratin 60ku is that the users’ body recognizes it as its own. This is what makes these products very powerful. The users experience hair that pulls over to wherever it is needed. This is because they have been resurfaced and the cracks of damage have been filled.


Do you want to nourish your depleted, damaged, and dry hair and improve their health? You don’t have to look any further than Virtue’s Recovery Shampoo and Recovery Conditioner.

1. Recovery Shampoo

This shampoo is promised to recover and rebuild the damaged hair with every wash. It does so by gently dissolving the daily buildup in the user’s hair while replenishing them with all the vital nutrients. As a result, the hair is left feeling healthy, supple, and soft. These shampoos are also color-safe and will work ideally for overworked, damaged, and dry hair.

2. Recovery Conditioner

Virtue’s Recovery Conditioner plays an important role in reversing the damage caused by shampoo. It does so by reconstructing all the brittle ends and frayed cuticles in order to restore manageability, shine, and softness of hair. This product is also safe for colored hair and an added benefit is that the user’s hair will be left smelling like a blend of clean citrus and fresh woods.

Full Volume

Have you always wished for volume in your fine and flat hair? Do you wish to experience the bounce and movement your hair once had? Virtue can help you out here as well!

1. Full Shampoo

With each wash from this shampoo, users will experience considerable increase in volume. This is so because the Full Shampoo dissolves buildups of excess oil, plumps every strand of hair, and lifts the roots of the user. As a result, the users can experience long-lasting weightlessness in their hair. The Full Shampoo is ideal for that hair-type that doesn’t seem to hold style.

2. Full Conditioner

Virtue’s Full Conditioner complements the Full Shampoo by thickening the user’s hair with every wash. It deeply moisturizes the user’s hair without adding any more weight, but creates luster, body, and an ever-lasting lift.


Do have a frizz-prone and unruly hair problem? Well, you can turn your problem into really beautiful hair– with just a little help.

1. Smooth Shampoo

The Smooth Shampoo from Virtue’s hair care collection calms and cleanses unruly hair with every wash. Virtue’s Smooth Shampoo de-frizzes and refines the user’s hair strand by strand without any effort. It also helps users in sealing shine and moisture in their hair. This product is perfect for hair-types that are hard to manage and anywhere between medium to thick. As an added bonus, the user’s hair will be left smelling like herbs, fruits, and flowers.

2. Smooth Conditioner

The Smooth Conditioner from Virtue’s hair collection complements the Smooth Shampoo and helps eliminate frizz with every use. It does so by soothing hair cuticles and locking out all signs of humidity. As a result, users will be able to experience brilliant shines and vibrant colors.

So if you have been looking to reverse the years of damage in your hair, Virtue’s hair care products have all the transformative powers you’re looking for. These products will work as good as a professional treatment and will repair, nourish, and heal your hair towards their original beauty.

What’re you waiting for? Bring your hair back to its newest, cleanest, and lightest state. Only Virtue’s hair care products can promise the ultimate reinvigoration, detoxification, and purification. Your hair deserves the best and there is nothing better than Virtue.

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