While onions typically belong in your kitchen only, recent developments have shown that maybe it is time for them to be a part of your beauty drawer too.

Sounds crazy, doesn’t it?

As surprising as it may sound, onion juice has been shown to be incredibly beneficial for your hair because it greatly helps in fighting hair loss, boosting the growth of new hair follicles, and keeping your hair strong and shiny.

Why Use Onion Juice

Onions are packed with numerous essential vitamins and mineral, which makes onion juice amazingly beneficial for your hair.

It is not just highly effective for hair loss but also helps prevent premature graying of hair and reduces the risk of dandruff.

Other numerous benefits of onion juice include prevention of scalp infection, thin and brittle hair, itchy scalp, and inflamed or dry scalp.

How to Make Onion Juice at Home

You can find onion juice in numerous supermarkets and grocery stores, however, it is best to make it at home and use it fresh on your hair.

All you need is a couple of onions, peel them, and cut into 4 equal parts. Blend them all in a grinder or juicer, add a little water if needed.

Next take a muslin cloth and filter the juice through it to ensure there are no onion chunks left.

How to Use Onion Juice for Hair

Apply onion juice to your hair and scalp with your fingers and gently massage it in circular motions. Let it sit in your hair for at least an hour and then wash off with a mild shampoo. Make sure that your shampoo has a nice fragrance to it to kill the pungent smell of onions. As a final step, apply a nourishing conditioner to your hair to seal in the nutrients from the onion juice.

The smell of onion juice might scare you but it’s all worth it because your hair will be soft, shiny and healthy just after a few applications!

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