We are all suckers for easy, alluring beauty tips but some beauty hacks simply defy logic. Yet, they are widespread and followed by a number of people all around the world! Scroll down to read about some of the most common beauty myths.

Oily Skin Does Not Need Moisturizing

It is easy to fall for this one. A lot of people believe that you should never use moisturizer for oily skin type because the skin already has enough oil when, in fact, this is not the case. Like all other skin types, oily skin also needs hydration. Furthermore, skin experts believe that adding oil to your skin care routine can actually help the skin produce less oil in the long run!

Regular Hair Cuts Will Make Your Hair Grow Thick & Long

This myth is originated from an illusion. Shorter hair seems to grow faster simply because it is easier to notice growth when the overall length of your hair is short. While getting regular haircuts may keep your hair free of split ends, it is not an effective way of getting thick and long hair. Sorry ladies!

Wearing Makeup Every day Is Bad for Your Skin

Here’s a good one! For everyone who believes that the daily use of makeup is bad for your skin, we have news for you. While wearing tons of makeup every day may be cumbersome, it does not damage your skin. The only time makeup causes skin damage is when you don’t take it off and leave it overnight!

Split Ends Can Be Fixed

As much as we hate them, there’s not much to be done about split ends once they appear. The only way of getting rid of split ends is to cut them off. But don’t lose heart, while split ends may be inevitable and untreatable, you can still follow a healthy hair care routine to prevent them for a long time.

Now that you know the truth about these beauty myths, when are you going to eliminate them from your beauty routine?

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