10 Do’s and Don’ts for Teenage Skincare

teenage skincare

Every person in their teenage years is worried about the breakout of acne, blemishes, or zits on their skin more than anything else. Every new product that claims to fight any of these issues is tried immediately and more stress is taken if the results do not come out as expected.

Here in this article, we have highlighted 10 of the most common and reliable do’s and don’ts following which you would be able to tackle your skin care issues to get a naturally glowing and beautiful skin in the end.

Rule of Makeup

Do: No matter how tired you are after the party, if you have makeup on, make sure it is completely removed before you go to bed. Just like you need to breathe fresh air to stay alive, your skin also needs it to stay alive and healthy. Application of makeup for long durations is what prevents this. Simply take some olive oil or baby oil on a piece of cotton and gently massage it on to the skin to get rid of makeup.

Don’t: Never forget to exfoliate at least twice or thrice a week as it would help remove dead skin cells and allow the growth of new ones leading to a brighter complexion.


Do: Always apply sunscreen or your sunblock that has SPF of at least 15 that protects your direct exposure with UVB and UVA rays.

Don’t: Skip the sunblock even if it is cloudy or rainy outside. Direct sun exposure to your skin can cause early age wrinkles and age spots.

Eating Habits

Do: Eat food that is fresh and full of nutrients. Plan your monthly or at least a weakly diet ahead of time and make sure that you are able to maintain a healthy balance.

Don’t: Avoid the use of spicy or fermented food, rather try to consume food in its original flavor or with slight seasoning. Also, fried food items are what teenagers should avoid at all costs, no matter how tempting they look.

Exercise Routine

Do: Make a habit of exercising regularly. It will help boost blood circulation and the sweat produced will accelerate the cleansing process of the body.

Don’t: Never skip your skincare routine before heading out or coming back from exercise. Apply a toner before you head for a workout and a cleanser and moisturizer once you come back.

Beauty Sleep

Do: Always try to get a straight eight hours to sleep at night. It will prevent you from getting bags under your eye from an early age.

Don’t: Never go to bed without applying moisturizer. It is like a food for your skin that helps it to rejuvenate throughout the night so that you wake up to a fresh face of your own.

Water to the Rescue

Do: Keep yourself hydrated at all times. Drink at least eight glasses of water on a daily basis and try to consume more during daytime as it allows it to get processed in the body while you are at work.

Don’t: Don’t forget the importance of rose water for your skin. It helps maintain the pH balance and reduced puffiness around the eyes in the morning.

Acne Alert

Do: Wash your face at least three times a day with warm water and a face wash that suits your skin type. This will prevent the dirt and pollution to enter your pores and clog them to form acne afterward.

Don’t: Never do the mistake of popping your pimples and acne as it would leave scars and marks behind. It would also lead to redness and swelling around the area which is painful.

Traditional Skincare Routines

Do: Use natural remedies that have been used since ages, and have now become a tradition, once in a while. Use of these beauty secrets allows your skin to breathe better and achieve that glow like Cleopatra.

Don’t: Never let go of your basics. Just breathing the right ways and using homemade skin care products can do wonders for you that will help you and your skin feel nourished.

Personal Spa Days

Do: If you are not into the habit of going to the spa on a regular basis then make one for yourself at your home. Have a proper skin care routine that you should follow on these special weekends.

Don’t: Never forget to pamper yourself. Take some time out for yourself and give your skin some special attention that it needs. A gentle facial massage with some jade rollers can help relieve stress and provide you with the beautiful elastic skin at the same time.

Healthy Lifestyle

Do: Take some time out for you to sit in a peaceful place all by yourself or with some loved ones. It will help release all kinds of stress and will help you get in harmony with yourself. Taking stress releases a hormone in the body that causes your skin to become oilier.

Don’t: While paying attention to your skin makes sure you do not neglect the facial muscles and jawline. Get in the habit of doing some basic facial exercises that help makes the skin firmer and wrinkle-free.


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