Wander Beauty Glow Ahead Face Oil on Review

Glow Ahead face oil is yet another amazing product by Wander Beauty.  It is a lightweight but potent mixture of beauty oils that instantly revitalizes the skin making it look young and healthy. It hydrates the skin and absorbs into it to give an amazing complexion.  Moreover, the blend of eight remarkable oils is powerful enough to give your face a beautiful glow overnight.

This powerful concoction of oils is completely vegan and 100% free of mineral oils. It contains natural ingredients including Raspberry Seed Oil, Evening Primrose Oil, Castor Seed Oil, Camellia Japonica Seed Oil and Meadowfoam Seed Oil. Each ingredient has its own advantages. Together, they work to lock in moisture and restore your skin’s balance and youth.

Let’s have a better look at this beauty elixir.

How to Use Glow Ahead Face Oil

Wonder Beauty Glow Ahead Face Oil comes in a slim, plastic tube that is specially designed to make it easy-to-use. After cleansing or treating your skin, gently squeeze a few drops of the oil onto fingertips and massage until it’s completely absorbed. For better penetration into the skin, warm the oil prior to applying it on the skin by putting a few drops onto the palms and rubbing them together.

It can be used as a moisturizer or in addition to one to provide extra moisture. It is advisable to first apply the moisturizer and then an SPF.

glow ahead face oil


Glow Ahead Face Oil has a number of advantages. Scroll down to read what makes this formula an excellent face oil.

  1. The Oil works well for every skin type, even for oily skin.
  2. It not only deals with dryness and hydrates the skin but also works as an excellent anti-aging agent.
  3. The oil is skillfully formulated to act as a lightweight blend that soothes the skin and protects it against pollutants.
  4. It gives an added glow when blended onto the high points over makeup.
  5. When pressed upon makeup, this formula can boost radiance.
  6. With its slim tube, twist off cap and a dropper tip, this product is extremely travel-friendly. The innovative packaging is specially designed to avoid leakage.
  7. The multipurpose Glow Ahead Face Oil can be massaged onto fingernails to soften the cuticles.
  8. It can be combed through hair to condition split ends and tame flyaway hair.
  9. Adding Glow Ahead Face Oil on lips can plump fine lines.
  10. It has a refreshing smell, which is an added bonus!


Glow Ahead Face Oil took over the market as soon as it was launched. 100% users claim this formula to be gentle and non-irritating while more than 90% of users noticed healthier skin after its regular use. The only con is that Glow Ahead Face Oil is a bit pricey at $48 for 25 ml container. But at the end that doesn’t matter because it’s totally worth it.

Glow Ahead Face Oil has only received amazing reviews so give it a try and find out for yourself if it is really as good as it sounds!

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