Why Propolis is Making Waves in the Skin Care Industry

There’s a little-known ingredient emerging among skin care products that can fight acne and promote youthful skin: propolis. This may be your first time hearing of this beautifying ingredient, but it’s an ancient remedy that dates as far back as 350 BC. So what exactly is propolis?

We all know about the many benefits of honey and beeswax, yet propolis remains under the radar. Honey bees produce this resinous substance, which is made from a mixture of tree sap and beeswax that bees collect. It is a gentle ingredient for sensitive skin types because it isn’t made from strong acids and other harsh chemicals.  It’s primarily used to treat acne, but that’s not it’s only use.  Here’s a breakdown of how your skin can benefit from this all-natural ingredient:

  1. The Antiviral and antimicrobial action is good for acne sufferers, but also anyone who lives in a polluted environment – and that’s practically everyone. This ingredient creates a barrier that protects the skin against many bacteria and harnesses nutrients to nourish and revitalize skin.
  2. It promotes skin hydration which is why many skin care products with this ingredient act as great moisturizers.
  3. There many powerful compounds and healing properties found in this natural ingredient, which helps to heal problematic skin.
  4. It naturally improves pigmentation and inflammation for a more even skin tone.
  5. It’s a well-known fact that collagen in our skin and body decreases as we age. It can slow down the aging process by increasing collagen. This can improve fine lines, wrinkles and sagging skin.
  6. Many cultures that use this natural ingredient find that it can accelerate the healing response. This makes it good for the restoration of sun burn damage.
Propolis for Acne Treatment

You certainly don’t have to be a teenager to suffer from acne.  Environmental pollutants make it difficult to protect our skin and it also creates clogged pores. As a result, bacterial acne, inflammation and redness can occur. Propolis is an ideal ingredient for acne treatment because it reduces inflammation and eliminates bacteria. A very popular product that can fight acne and harnesses the perks of this ingredient is the Honey Potion Renewing Hydration Mask by Farmacy.

Propolis Taken Orally

When most people think about skin care products, they think about the creams, salves and sprays they apply to their skin. But propolis is a natural skin care product that can also be taken orally. When you take it orally, it provides many dietary benefits, such as immune system support and improved energy.

Tinctures: There are two types of tinctures on the market. One is alcohol based, the other is water based. The difference between the two is that the alcohol tincture has a higher percentage of propolis. You can squirt alcohol-based products directly into the back of the mouth, but mix water-based tinctures with a liquid to improve the taste.

Chunks: These are raw chunks of bee propolis that you can pop into your mouth like a piece of candy. Swallow the chunks instead of chewing them, because propolis can stain your teeth.

Capsules: You can take propolis capsules daily at the recommended dosage of 1000 mg.

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