3 Ways to Get Rid Of Bad Breath

bad breath

Bad breath can be the biggest turn off! If you’re preparing for a romantic date night with your special someone, even he subtlest of hints of bad breath can derail your plans. You need to pay attention!

But hey! Don’t panic. Here are a few ways to get rid of bad breath that can be a life savior:

Maintain a Proper Oral Hygiene

This isn’t even a suggestion. It’s a statement to live by, that has been repeated time and again. Following a proper oral hygiene routine is absolutely necessary in order to stay healthy, and to prevent bad breath. The basic routine includes:

Tongue Cleaning

Your tongue comes in direct contact with the food you consume, especially with what you drink. While many people religiously brush and floss, their mouths often reek! Wonder why that happens? Because they forget cleaning their tongue!

To avoid this, simply scrape out your tongue at least once a day. Tooth brushes have little exfoliators located at the back that are used for scraping off the dirt from your tongue, making sure you have a pleasant breath all day long.

Avoid Smelly Foods

Some foods tantalize you taste-buds, but they’re also terrible for bringing bad breath to your mouth! Foods like ginger, garlic, onions and fish have been long known for their undesirable smell which leaves you with a bad breath. They can possibly result in you not getting a date as well. So it is best to avoid them.

If you’re trying to get rid of bad breath, its best to quit smoking, or at least smoke after you’re done meeting people. Smoker’s breath is extremely unpleasant and leaves an awful impression on the non-smoker. The best way to go about it is to not do it at all!


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