Clothes are something most of us have in abundance. It’s natural to walk past a clothing store and see something you like and buy it. Clothes are, after all, a necessity. There are some clothes it’s not easy to part with. We may buy new ones, but throwing out all of the old ones just seems like a waste, especially clothes that belonged to your kids. Clothes may have a sentimental value and throwing them away just may not be an option.

So, how do we make space for new clothes? Be a little creative with your old clothes! Here are a few fun things you could do with them:

1. Keepsake Quilt

All the oneness your baby wore can be cut and sewn together to make a very colorful, meaningful quilt or throw. The outfits can be cut in square patches and sewn together like a patchwork quilt. It would make a very cute gift when your child grows older.

2. Pet outfits

If you own pets, old sweaters and t shirts can now be a part of their wardrobe. After a few alterations, they can be made to fit your fur babies perfectly. This can be very useful in extreme cold weathers.

3. Patch up new jeans

You can use your old jeans to patch up a new one. If there’s a tear in one of your new jeans, you can cut out a patch from one of your old pairs and repair the new one.

4. Change old into new

You can always alter jeans into whatever is latest in fashion if they still fit right. You can change your old skinny jeans into distressed jeans by using a pair of scissors and looking up a design on the internet. You could also use bleach to fade it out. Old jeans can also be cut up to make cute denim shorts.

5. Flannel accessories

Old flannel shirts with different plaid patterns can be mixed and matched and turned into very festive scarves. The sleeves of a flannel shirt can be cut off and worn as a vest.

6. Blingy Totes or cushion covers

An old sequined top can be cut up and made into a stylish blingy tote bag or it can also be turned into cushion covers. Sequined cushion covers can instantly brighten up a room.

7. Upgrade your basic t-shirt

Cut out any floral pattern, design or logo from an old skirt or dress and hot glue it to your basic t-shirt.

8. Bras for backless dresses

The straps of old bras can be cut off and the cups can be sown into a backless dress.

9. Lounge socks

The sleeves of old, colorful sweaters can be used to make knee length, comfortable lounge socks.

10. Laptop sleeve

An old leather jacket can be turned into a sleek laptop sleeve.

11. Old t-shirts into new crop top

Your favorite old t shirt can have a second life as a gradient crop top. The t-shirt can be cut short over the naval and the bottom can be sprayed with bleach.

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