The Dash Diet. All You Need to Know

The Dash Diet. All You Need to Know

The Dash diet is an approach to eating healthy which helps prevent or treat higher blood pressure. The Dash diet makes you reduce sodium from your meals and eat food items that are high in nutrients. The Dash diet can help you reduce your blood pressure in just 2 weeks. The full form of Dash is dietary approaches to stop hypertension. The Dash diet is known as a healthy way of living or eating which can also prevent diseases like cancer, diabetes and heart disease.

Things to eat

The Dash diet is all about healthy eating. You can eat fruits, low fat dairy and vegetables. This diet may also include whole grain food, fish, legumes and poultry. While the Dash diet is low in saturated fat, you can still have red meat, anything sweet and small amount of fats.


Whole grains have more nutrients than refined grains. Include cereal, rice, bread and pasta in your diet. Eat products that have 100% whole grain written on it. For example, have brown rice in place of white rice. You can also have whole wheat pasta in place of regular pasta or whole grain bread. Avoid using butter cream or sauces that have cheese in them.


Vegetables as we all know are full of vitamins and fiber. Use vegetables over your brown rice and make it a part of your meal. Frozen and fresh vegetables both are good for you, but when buying canned vegetables always look for the ones that are low in sodium and don’t have any salt in them. Try using vegetables like tomatoes, carrots, broccoli, sweet potatoes and other green vegetables that are full of fiber.


Like vegetables, fruits are also rich in fiber, magnesium and have less fat. Eat a slice or piece of your favorite fruit with your meal. Eat fruit for your snack and after that eat your fruits like a dessert by putting some yogurt on it which is low fat. While choosing canned fruits or frozen fruits make sure that they are sugar free.


Dairy is a major source of vitamin D, protein and calcium, but be careful that you pick dairy products that are low fat or are fat free. Milk, yogurt and cheese are all packed with protein and calcium. If you feel like you are having trouble in digesting any dairy product, then choose products that are lactose free. Add fat free frozen yogurt to your diet. Eat it as a substitute for dessert, but go a little easy on cheese because cheese is usually higher in sodium.


Meat is a source of zinc, protein and iron, but try to cut back on meat and eat vegetables instead. Grill, boil or roast your meat and poultry rather than cooking it in oil.

Weight loss during Dash Diet

The Dash diet is not a weight losing program, but you might lose some unwanted fat in your body because of healthy eating. In the Dash diet you have to consume 2000 calories a day, but for losing weight you need to eat fewer calories.

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