Every New Year with people making New Year fitness goals, it seems like every now and then, there’s a new form of diet making its way. From the Cavemen diet back in the 80s to the South Beach which became really famous in 2003 and then Paleo taking over.

In recent years, a newly found diet has surpassed all of the other diets. Celebrities from all over the world are going crazy for this diet. These people believe that by reducing carbs and by eating lots of fat, your body might actually start to burn fat by its own and you’ll reduce weight and diminish your appetite. Although keto may be the newest diet that work wonders for people, it has been showing amazing results elsewhere before it was cool.

This diet was used for the treatment of Epilepsy in the 1920s and few studies in recent years have shown its potential to treat people who are diabetic.

This theory behind keto diet suggests that Carbohydrate-Insulin model can burn calories and fat quickly. People should get almost 5% of their calories from carbs, 15% from the protein they consume and almost 80% calories from fat. This means staying away from the things everyone loves to eat like grains, cereal, rice, bread and eating huge amounts of fatty meats, eggs, and leafy green veggies.

This puts your body in a state known as ketosis so that our bodies could be fueled by glucose which we usually get from carbs. Remember, when you start eliminating carbs and consume lots of fat, instead of burning glucose for fuel, your body starts to burn fat. So to start your keto diet, you need to have less than 50 grams of carbs or just two slices of bread a day and have a lot of fat. Now it may sound really simple to avoid eating carbs and you will see the weight coming right off. People following this diet may feel a rapid change in their weight, but that could be just you losing water weight from your body.

It has become more challenging than ever now since the influx of different high calorie food being available with different processes which are so not friendly for any diet plan. There are always people who do quite well and it can be possible that you are one of those people, who actually benefit from this diet, but it may not be really effective for some people because of different reasons. Although it has become really easy to find keto diet menus and nifty hacks to stay on the diet, people need to realize that losing weight and then trying to keep it off is a tough job and it takes commitment, effort and a given time before you see actual results. Till then carry on with your diet without losing any hope in it.

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