Battle Aging Skin with These DIY Face Masks

Battle Aging Skin with These DIY Face Masks

Aging is most definitely a natural process, but who said we can’t slow this natural process down a little? Once we hit out 20s, we start stressing over how to never let fine line set foot on our face. Rather than killing your wallet and buying every anti-aging product out there, how about you slither around in your kitchen and find all the below mentioned ingredients.

We’ve put together some DIY face mask recipes which you will love and need for keeping that youthful looking skin. Many of these ingredients are fresh and full of anti-oxidants so that your skin can benefit from the extremely high nutrient content.

PomCo Mask


1/2 tbsp. pomegranate seed oil

1 tbsp. coconut oil


Mix the pomegranate seed oil and the coconut oil together. Wash your face, making sure its clean and then apply this mixture to your face, ears and neck. Keep it on for an hour and wash it off. You can use this mask every alternate day.

Pomegranate is the power house of anti-oxidants. Just eating it helps heaps and heaps with anti-aging and other skin issues. Imagine how beneficial applying such a concentrated version on your skin would be.

Brightening-Lightening Mask


1 tbsp. yogurt

1 tsp lemon juice

1 tbsp. sandalwood powder


Mix all these ingredients and apply the mixture to your face, leave it on until it dries.


Yogurt helps moisturize the skin and smooth the pores. Whereas sandalwood powder has anti-bacterial properties which help fight acne.

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