What Should a Skin Care Regime Look Like?

What Should a Skin Care Regime Look Like?

Knowing your skin type, which products work best together and how they can benefit your skin are essential details for setting up a good and beneficial skin care regime which gives optimal results. We have laid down a generic, yet highly beneficial skin care regime for you. Try it out, your skin will thank you later!

1. Cleanse

Using a gentle water-soluble cleanser will help remove dirt, debris, makeup particles and oil from your pores without stripping your skin raw. Washing away such substances is vital as it can lead to clogged pores, breakouts and dull skin. Another benefit of starting with a clean face is that it allows the skin care products you use afterwards to absorb better in the skin – to work even better.

2. Toner

Using a good quality toner helps hydrate the skin, maintain the pH balance, refresh and plump up the skin. Most people assume that using a toner is a useless step and doesn’t do much for the skin. Toners actually add vital skin-replenishing ingredients to your skin and using it immediately after cleansing is definitely more beneficial as it absorbs deeper into the skin. Using a toner ensures that the last particle of makeup is removed from your pores. It also helps reduce redness, irritation and dry patches.

3. Serum

These days, the market has a serum for every skin issue possible. So many companies have released serums with anti-oxidants which helps fight aging, blemishes, dullness and can also help tighten your skin. Serums definitely help soften the visible signs of aging and reduce fine lines giving a healthier, younger look to the skin.

4. Eye cream

Using an eye cream daily with SPF infused in it can save you from dark circles and fine lines under the eyes. Some eye creams also help keep the skin under the eye tight which reduces the chances of having saggy skin. Eye creams are all about maintaining the thickness and health of the eyelid skin and the skin under the eyes. Improving skin quality in that area is essential as it ensures that the eye lid appears smoother for now and the time to come.

5. Moisture

Finally, use a light weight face cream with SPF in it to help seal in the moisture and save your skin from sun damage. Using the right moisturizer matters for oily or combination skin, choosing a matte formula can help control excess oil which will in turn help your make-up stay in place and prevent excess shine. We absolutely recommend using DermaSet’s 3D Renewal Science prior to your daily sunscreen. It will give your skin the right amount of moisture it needs.

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