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essential oil blends

In today’s skincare world, most of us demand natural ingredients in our products. No parabens, preservatives and sulfates, please. Thank you. Furthermore, we’re now painfully aware that name-brand companies, such as L’Oreal, test their products on animals. Many of us have seen the cruelty behind this and are also asking that their products be cruelty-free. Certain brands, such as e.l.f Cosmetics and Milani, have listened.

This is the recent trend of the consumer; the demand for all-natural, organic and preferably cruelty-free skincare products.

Now let’s take a take a look at the other side: the companies. Do you notice their recent trend as they comply to consumer demands? Outrageously expensive skincare products.

It’s not like pricey products hasn’t been the norm since the 80’s and beyond, but we can admit the a lactic acid treatment for $158 at Sephora is a little ridiculous. Let’s be real, that’s not even an all-in-one anti-aging cream.

The DIY Solution

We often promote purchasing from brands that create small batch, natural ingredients. We also love DIY products that work properly and can rival high-end products. Don’t be a skeptic; some DIY skincare creations can work just as well, if not better, than store-bought products. All you have to do is buy the right ingredients. We don’t just mean natural ingredients, but ingredients that work well for your skin type. Therefore, if you have sensitive skin, you can make your own serum with ingredients that can heal and treat sensitive skin.

But when we say “right ingredients” we also mean natural and organic. For skin and hair, there’s nothing better than essential oils.

What is a Synergistic Essential Oil Blend?

When you blend certain essential oils that work well together, these two oils become a greater oil. For example, if you blend lavender oil with jasmine oil (two oils that blend well together), you create a synergy blend. Your synergy blend is no longer lavender or jasmine – instead, you have a remedy that’s more effective than the original two components.

Now how do you know which oils blend well together? Typically, oils that are in the same botanical family (plant family) blend well, like all spice, eucalyptus and myrtle (but this doesn’t mean they smell well together – also an important element with essential oil blends). If you’re a beginner, remember that oils in the same plant family blend well and enhance upon each other. If you want to branch out more, oils that have similar chemical components also work well together, such as most floral oils.

But let’s not get too deep into the scientific aspect of blending essential oils. Rather, let’s get to the blending itself.

Steps to Blending Essential Oils

  1. What is your essential oil blend designed for?
    • Hair
    • Skin 
    • Sleep
    • Relaxation 
    • Energy
    • The list goes on
  2. Research and choose your oils – carefully. 
    • Remember that oils in the same family blend well together
    • Remember that oils with similar chemical components work well together
    • Make a list of 10-20 oils that you may want to use (but you won’t use them all together!)
  3. Make sure the oils smell well together 
    • Choose oils that you are certain smell well together, based on research and what you tried yourself . Oils that work well together are medicinal oils, woodsy oils, floral oils, spicy oils, earthy oils, etc. You see the picture?
    • You can also do your own smell test if you don’t trust that they “just go well together.” Place the oils that you plan to use in a row, get close and take a whiff. This won’t give you the exact fragrance, but it will give you an idea. If something smells off, remove that oil with one that blends better aromatically.
  4. Storage

Essential Oil Blends for Everything and Anything

Once you have your very own synergy blend, you can add it to amp up any beauty product. Add your essential oils to amp up your moisturizer or your favorite carrier oil, such as jojoba, avocado or olive oil. You can also add it to hair products, as most oils that benefit the skin also benefit the hair. If you you’re using it therapeutically, use the same amber glass bottle, but make sure it’s a spray bottle instead of a dropper bottle. Spray your room before you go to bed for relaxation, or at work for an extra burst of energy.

And let’s not forget how happy this DIY project has made your bank account.

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