Reduce Pores with 3 Simple Skincare Products

reduce pores

We all dream of small pores that are free of dirt and grime. We need these little openings on our skin to flush out toxins, regulate temperature and perform other essential duties. We do not, however, need them to enlarge from the collection of dirt and grime that accumulates whenever we step outside. Clean skincare habits and reliable, daily skincare routine can reduce the appearance of pores. These three products stand out above the rest:

Your Defense Against Pores

  • Anti-bacterial face wash
  • Exfoliators
  • Clay masks

These three products can help you remove excess sebum, dirt, grime, make-up and anything else that can get stuck in there.


Anti-Bacterial Face Wash

This can reduce pores by fighting bacteria, such as the gunk that can get stunk in our pores. The right face wash has a composition of effective ingredients that remove oil and dirt. When you apply your face wash, make sure you do so in circular motions.

Look at the ingredients before you buy a face wash. Many anti-bacterial face washes contain harsh chemicals that can be damaging to the skin. We recommend brands with certified organic and natural ingredients. We also recommend choosing a face wash that has activated charcoal. It traps toxic substances and according to one source, removes 2.5 times more dirt than a regular cleanser. That’s why we say activated charcoal means pores no more.

Exfoliate Your Face

A deep cleanse will clean out and minimize pores, and there’s no deeper cleanse than exfoliation. As you know, exfoliating removes dead skin cells. In the process, it also removes dirt, sebum and minimizes the size of your pores. Make sure to choose an exfoliator for your skin type, or try the simple lemon method above. Try not to use large, abrasive granules.

Clay Masks

Clay masks may be our favorite method to reduce pores. It draws out build-up and reduces the size of pores. Some clay masks even exfoliate dead skin cells for a smoother surface. Not to mention they feel good. It is said to be the most gentle clay mask, which is why it’s commonly used on sensitive skin. However, it can benefit all skin types. It’s also high in silica, a wonderful mineral that moisturizes skin and can reduce the sign of aging.

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