Are You Tired of Ingrown Hair? Here’s Your Solution

Are You Tired of Ingrown Hair? Here's Your Solution

Ingrown hair can be painful, itchy, and extremely irritating. Extracting them can be painful and even leave a dark spot. Here is a list of tips that we have compiled to help you get rid of them:

1. Use Warm Water

Warm water has proven to help in opening up the follicles, allowing your skin to breathe reducing the chances of ingrown hair.

2. Moisturize

Moisturizing with a non-greasy moisturizer can help in getting rid of dead skin cells, which clog the follicles and trigger ingrown hair growth.

3. Exfoliate

Exfoliating can be great to get rid of ingrown hair. You can use scrubs available in the market or make one at home.

Are You Tired of Ingrown Hair? Here's Your SolutionDIY Sea Salt Scrub

Sea salt – 1 tablespoon

Macadamia nut oil – ¼ cup

Lavender essential oil – two drops

Just mix the above-mentioned ingredients and gently scrub your body, this will help extract the ingrown hair, leaving your skin smooth and smelling wonderful.

4. Use a Serum

Healthy skin does not trap hair inside. Clogged pores are one of the biggest reasons for ingrown hair so use this serum to provide your skin the nourishment.

Are You Tired of Ingrown Hair? Here's Your SolutionDIY ingrown hair removal serum

Coconut Oil – ½ cup

Tea Tree Essential Oil – 6 drops

Rose Essential Oil – 7 drops

5. Switch up Your Shower Gel

Your shower gel may be a culprit behind ingrown hair. You must find yourself a shower gel that helps diminish bumps and stops them from forming and irritating. You can look for products, which are packed with AHAs to exfoliate and soften your skin so that hair can grow out easily rather than clogging the pores.

6. Use Retinoid

Using retinoid can speed up the process of clearing out dead skin cells. Also, it may help clear up dark skin patches that form because of ingrown hair.

7. Tea Tree Oil

Massage your skin with diluted tea tree oil and notice a great difference. Tea tree oil is commonly known to kill bacteria and reduce redness and inflammation, reducing down swelling by a great extent. Applying tea tree oil can help reduce the production of ingrown hair.

8. Change your Razor

Shaving is one of the main reasons. Firstly, if your razor is multiple uses old, its time to replace it with a fresh one as soon as possible. Dull rusty blades do not make precise cuts and even increase the risk of ingrown hair. There are many razors, which are designed to reduce them. In fact, any single bladed razor will be good.

However, occasional ingrown hairs are no problem, definitely curable and easy to get rid of. In case things get a little serious, you must go and see a doctor as they can prescribe some creams or medications for your condition, but that is only if you have an abnormal hair growth problem.

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