The Many Benefits of Amla


Do you want to know an ancient Indian beauty secret? It’s called amla.

Hindus believe that when their Gods waged war they accidentally spilled drops of ‘Amrit’. It is a potent potion that gave the deities their strength and vitality.

It is believed that a gooseberry tree grew from these magical drops. This is why the fruit holds religious and traditional value in India.

These little green gooseberries they call ‘amla’.  Many Indian households are known to make this lovely berry a staple in their homes. They use it in a number of ways like applying it on their hair, massaging their aching joints with, and even incorporating it in their dishes.

What is Amla?

Amla is scientifically called phyllanthus emblica and native to the Indian subcontinent. It is rich in Vitamin C and many other nutrients. This is why it is deemed as a very healthy fruit.

Not only is it edible, the extracts can be used as skin oil, hair oil, and supplements. All of these products which give energy and increase growth in the part they are applied to.

Here are the many benefits of embilica:

Long, Shiny Hair

Indian women are known for their thick, dark and shiny hair. The secret to this beautiful asset is none other than amla oil. The carotene present inside the gooseberry helps to enhance the hair growth and pigmentation. It also prevents hair fall and radical damage around the scalp.

Fresh, Healthy Skin

As we mentioned earlier, embilica is rich in vitamin C. This is the reason why the little fruit is loaded with healthy powers. The vitamin is a known antioxidant that kills free radicals and other harmful toxins that damage the skin.

As a result, your skin retains its youthfulness and freshness.

Super Vision

Another vital vitamin found in embilica is vitamin A. It helps to prevent eye diseases like night blindness and cataracts.

Moreover, honey and amla juices are known to improve weak eyesight and reduce near-sightedness. They do this by inhibiting the intra-ocular tension that hinders your vision.

Immunity Boost

The gooseberry also has astringent and antibacterial properties due to the presence of vitamin C.

This fact proves to be a deadly combination for any germs or infection that attacks your body. It is because the amla nutrients are able to boost your natural defense mechanism and help in fighting off the toxins and infections that enter the body.

What Else?

This is just the tip of the iceberg!

The many more benefits of embilica include the ability to:

  • Absorb calcium to improve bone health
  • Purify the digestive tracts through fast metabolism
  • Increase your appetite and help you to gain more muscle mass

We wonder if Priyanka Chopra still sticks to her Indian traditions and uses this beneficial berry in her new Hollywood lifestyle.

Can this be the secret of her healthy skin and dark silky hair?

Are you willing to try out this ancient Indian remedy?

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