How to Pick the Right Organic ProductsOrganic skincare and organic products are taking the beauty industry by storm. With people all over realizing the power of natural and chemical-free products and the wonders they work on skin and hair, more and more customers are opting to purchase organic goodies for their bodies.

With so many options out there, here’s what ingredients you should look out for to make your life a little easier.

No Parabens or PEGs

Parabens and PEGs are insane chemicals that have hormone disrupting and cancer causing properties. These preservatives are added to increase shelf life. So if your product has a suspiciously long shelf life and has parabens on its label, put it back!

The Leaping Bunny

The leaping bunny is a sign of a cruelty free, non-animal tested product. Organic products and skincare is more than skin deep; manufacturers feel strongly about the environment and ecosystem, and cruelty free products are guilt-free beauty treats!

No Fragrance

Fragrance is added to mask the odor of the chemical concoction that’s in the bottle you’re holding. This means your product is probably full of chemicals you do not want near your skin. These can cause respiratory or hormonal problems – an absolute no-no!

Plant Power

Check out labels for essential oils, plant extracts and derivatives. Plants are the least controversial beauty secrets – they’re rich in vitamins, minerals and essential natural compounds which don’t harm the body’s natural functioning. On top of that, they’re really effective!

Herbal Teas

With their amazing effects on our insides, need I say more? Herbal teas bring antioxidants, vitamins and a bust of skin brightening properties right out of nature’s treasure chest!

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