3 Tips to Control Your Oily Hair

3 Tips to Control Your Oily Hair

Planned an impromptu outing with your friends and now you have oily, greasy hair to take care of? That is one of the biggest problems you have to deal with, especially if you do not have the time to shower! Oily greasy hair is a big NO for an immaculate appearance. And if you’re tired of having to deal with this kind of hair every day, you probably wonder if there is an easy way out or at least some way to control and manage your hair.

Good news: there is! Below are the some of the tips that will come in handy if you’re trying to control your oily hair:

1.      Less Conditioner:

Make sure to apply your conditioner from the mid to the end of the strand, rather than massaging it directly in your roots. If you apply directly to the roots it would make your hair look oilier.


2.      Dry Shampoo Alternate:

Baby powder takes that position. If you are rushing and your dry shampoo has also ended you now know what to use to save your day. Baby powder is an easy and cheap fix for greasy hair. If you have dark hair then add a small portion of coco powder to make it a bit dark so that your hair doesn’t end up being all white.


3.      Less Washing:

Wash your hair comparatively less and see the result. This is due to the fact that when you wash your hair, you wash off the oils which are forcefully replaced. If you wash your hair daily do it with gaps, if you wash with gaps then give gaps of 2-3 days.

Keep these simple tips in mind. Trust me, you will be able to control your oily hair like a champ!

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