We’ve spent a lot of money and time to consider cosmetic products for applying on our faces. What we should’ve been considering instead is what type of diet we should be following to achieve clear skin.

Even dermatologists agree to the fact that what we eat affects how our skin’s look. Now the only question is what foods can promise us glowing skin? Let’s have a look at the top picks that we have found to truly benefit your skin.

The Clear Skin Diet. Natural Ingredients OnlyBroccoli, Red Peppers, Citrus Fruits, and Strawberries

In this produce, there is plenty of Vitamin C which is known to be vital for the production of the skin’s support structure – collagen. You should be aiming for two cup servings per day of the fruits alongside a cup’ serving of red peppers and/or broccoli too. With these, you will have smooth textured skin in no time.

The Clear Skin Diet. Natural Ingredients OnlySunflower Seeds and Almonds

These nuts and seeds are loaded with the perfect quantities of Vitamin E. Collectively they can offer the user an army of antioxidants that protect their skin from any damaging agent like pollution or UV rays. Not only will these promise sun protection but they also will keep water in your skin to keep it hydrated. You should be aiming for 23 almonds and 2 table spoons of hulled seeds per day to experience these benefits.

The Clear Skin Diet. Natural Ingredients OnlyWater

We all know that our skin cells consist mostly of water, and if you remain dehydrated, then your skin starts looking and feeling parched. Now, we’re not asking you to chug like 8 cups in a day. You can even aim for any source that is rich in H2O. These can be fruits, veggies and even coffee. You should be aiming for at least six cups per day as a great starting point to experience dewy skin.

Other favorite diets that we would like to pass to you include Dark Chocolate, Red Wine, Whole Grain Foods and Milk. Incorporating healthy amounts of these can help you achieve the clear skin you’ve always wanted.

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