Smoothies for Weight Loss

Have you gained weight with all that binge eating and lazing around the house? Have you been stress eating that is now showing? Or did you just Netflix and chilled a little too much with loads of snacks?

No matter what you did over the summer that has led to all the weight gain, it is high time to get your body in shape. Lucky for you, we have a delicious way to help you achieve your weight loss goals. Introducing: yummy-luscious smoothies! Check out some amazing blends down below:

PB and J protein smoothie:

This yummy and famous combo is most people’s favorite. It is delicious yet energy filled. It is nutritional thanks to all the healthy ingredients like soy milk, peanut butter and rolled oats. It isn’t too high in calories either.

Oreo smoothie:

I am sure a whole lot of you are crazy fans of Oreo and it is your favorite snack to munch on. So what is better than to have to drink it and be yummy as well as help you lose your weight? It has ingredients like Oreo, skim milk and you can even add cottage cheese. Don’t add too many oreos though! You’re looking to lose weight, not gain more.

Mental vacation smoothie:

A smoothie so delicious that it will even help your mind relax! It tastes tropical since it includes berries, orange and banana. It may be high in carbs but the good news is that it doesn’t have a high sugar content.

Also there is an addition of Greek yogurt as well which makes things even more nutritious!

Dark Chocolate smoothie:

Chocolate and weight loss? Two favorite things together! This drink along with dark chocolate includes peppermint and Greek yogurt. It is super good for your heart.

Make yourself a tasty one and enjoy your way to weight loss!

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