Natural Remedies for Beautifully Long Eyelashes


Wouldn’t you love to flutter away eyelashes that go on for miles? We’ve been using fake lashes and mascara to fulfill our wishes – but aren’t we just fooling ourselves? Why can’t we just explore some natural methods of lengthening and thickening our eyelashes?  Yes, it’s possible. Let’s have a look at the natural remedies we need to get the eyelashes of our dreams!

Castor Oil

Mix one or two drops of castor oil along with a drop of neem OR rosemary oil OR grapeseed oil OR rosehip oil. You will also be needing a mascara wand that has never been used or a Q-tip.

Just mix the assortment of oils that you have and apply them very carefully. Let these dry in your eyelashes overnight while you sleep. If you do this religiously enough on a daily basis, then you will see the change in thickness in just a matter of days.

A Blend of Castor and Olive Oil

In this process, you will just need one or two drops of olive oil with some castor oil. This mixture is to be applied, in the same manner, every night before you go to sleep. You’ll notice a slight growth in your eyelashes in just a couple of days!

Shea Butter

If you haven’t heard about this butter before, it is used in Africa to enhance hair quality and texture. It works so well because it has a great amount of Vitamin E and Vitamin A, which nourishes the follicles of your hair. If this is used on a daily basis, it is sure to enhance the growth of your lashes – just what you wanted!

Caring for eyelashes is just as necessary as caring for your hair. With these natural remedies, you’ll have envy-worthy eyelashes for sure.


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