5 Powerful Essential Oils to Up Your Skincare Game

essential oils

For most people, skincare is limited to a simple face wash, a toner (maybe), and a dab of moisturizer. Not everyone is willing to lavish on face mists, serums, and neck creams. And rightly so, because an ideal skincare should be minimal yet effective! One way to get this done is to sneak in essential oils in your night routine. Just a few drops of some of the most potent oils like lavender or hempseed can bring your skin back to life.

Here we give you the 5 stellar essential oils that will soften up your skin and return your glow.

Wheatgerm Oil

Packed with vitamin A, B, and D, this nutrient-rich oil gradually heals cracked, dry, and itchy skin. However, because it is incredibly strong, use only a few drops and best if blended in your moisturizer. Use it during the night to protect the skin from photosensitivity. Your skin is bound to turn supple and baby smooth in very little time because the antioxidants and fatty acids in this oil reverse all the damage.

Lavender Oil

Lavender oil is the ultimate healing, therapeutic oil. It is great for acne because of its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties that clean away the dirt on your skin. And owing to its heavenly smell, it can lull you to a cozy sleep. Make sure to use it with carrier oil to get maximum benefits!

Lemon Oil

This citrusy, pungent oil is amazing for skin lightening and hyper-pigmentation. Surprisingly, you can reap its maximum benefits by using it sparingly like in your weekly facemasks since it can be a little harsh if used daily. It will pack a nice punch of vitamin C to help undo free radical damage.

Frankincense Oil

The closest to the human sebum in its chemistry, Frankincense oil is a magic portion for acne-prone skin. If you have extremely oily skin, chances are it’s actually dehydrated resulting in the overproduction of oil. Frankincense can help moisturize your skin in perfect balance that will discourage further pimples.  

Hempseed Oil

Hempseed oil is great for combating patchy, dark skin. Cold-pressed hempseed oil balances the moisture in your skin, and is very calming to the senses. An age-defying portion will fade away wrinkles and fine lines over time. Plus it’s suited to all skin types!

So here we have it, five skin-friendly oils to keep your skin looking flawless!

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