Split Ends. The Truth about Dealing with Them

Split Ends. The Truth about Dealing with Them

As much as we hate them the truth about split ends remains an unaltered fact. Sadly, the truth is that split ends are inevitable and there’s no way of fixing them without chopping your hair down.

Yes, it is heartbreaking but once the tip of your hair splits, there’s no way of magically putting it back. That leaves us with no option but to cut the dead ends off!

Although you cannot fix split ends, there are a number of methods to prevent it in the first place. Read our tips and tricks on how to prolong the split end-free period for your hair.

  • Nothing damages your hair more than the regular use of styling tools like hair straighteners and curling irons. Those curls might be cute but are they worth the damage? Avoid using heating products on a regular basis. Instead, figure out the hairstyles that suit you and work well with the original texture of your hair.
  • Malnourished hair tends to get split ends, so make sure your hair is getting all the nutrients it requires by oiling them regularly. Also, add in occasional hair masks to your hair routine to nourish them properly.
  • Biotin supplements are another option. Research shows that biotin works to strengthen your hair but make sure to check in with your doctor before taking this supplement.
  • Using a leave-in conditioner can provide your hair with an extra layer of protection. It can also protect your hair against damage caused by your styling tools so instead of your ordinary conditioner, buy a leave-in one on your next grocery trip.
  • If you sleep with your hair untied, you may want to stop doing it because when you toss and turn while sleeping, static is created which can cause damage to your locks. It’s advisable to brush and tie your hair in a braid or a loose bun before hitting the sack.

Although these tips work well for preventing split ends, don’t overlook the importance of a balanced diet to achieve your hair goals. Remember, only healthy hair can fight against dead ends!

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