If you still haven’t heard of this beauty buzzword, collagen is one of the most essential proteins for the skin that helps it stay firm and elastic. It’s also important for your hair, teeth, and muscle mass.

If you spend a lot of time under the sun a lot or have been noticing excessive cellulite and wrinkles then you probably lack collagen. And while many people prefer Botox, consuming collagen rich foods is a safer and effective option.

Here we give you the top 5 wholesome foods to give you a natural boost:

Collagen Rich Foods to Give You Radiant Skin1.     Bone Broth

Bone broth is a viscous soup made from boiling animal bones. The gel-like consistency is due to the presence of bioavailable collagen that your body can use immediately. Containing amino acids and proteins, bone broth not only helps plump up the skin but is extremely delicious too!

Collagen Rich Foods to Give You Radiant Skin2.     Dark Leafy Greens

Broccoli, kale, spinach, and collards are packed with anti-oxidants that stimulate collagen production in the body. By including these wonderful greens in your salads and smoothies, you’re giving your skin a complete dose of essential proteins.

Collagen Rich Foods to Give You Radiant Skin3.     Garlic

Garlic contains lots of sulfur to help increase collagen in the body. It also contains essential fatty acids like lipoic acid that heals damaged collagen. The best thing about this food is that you only need very little in your curries, rice, or salads to do the job.

Collagen Rich Foods to Give You Radiant Skin4.     Fish

White fish like Cod are loaded with proline and glycine – the two amino acids that make up collagen. Even wild Salmon, rich in zinc boosts collagen synthesis and promotes healthy skin cells.

Collagen Rich Foods to Give You Radiant Skin5.     Soy

Soy is a good option for vegans who prefer soymilk and tofu over cow milk and cheese. Soy-rich foods help prevent cellulite by swiftly prompting collagen production and blocking out anti-ageing enzymes.

Make sure to consume all these foods for visibly firmer and softer skin!

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