How to Grow Your Hair Long and Thick

How to Grow Your Hair Long and Thick

Women who battle with rapid hair fall and thinning will know how hard it can be to manage their hair. However, with these simple and easy healthy hair tips, you can definitely stop hair fall and grow long and thick locks.

1. Oil Massage

Don’t under-estimate the power of an intense oil massage. While coconut and olive oil are the best choices, you can really just use your favorite essential oil. Massaging your scalp for hair growth is done in a completely different way.

The key is to turn your head upside down to stimulate blood flow and use the soft pressure of your fingertips to massage in the oil. Remember, the secret to longer and thicker hair is consistency. If you stick by this technique twice a week for even a month, you will notice drastic hair improvements.

2. Use Organic Hair Products

What you put on your hair will influence your hair fall and scalp health. If your scalp is producing dandruff because of excessive dryness, try to switch your shampoo.

There are many organic hair products with aloe vera, onion juice, fruit extracts, and minerals that work well at cleaning and moisturizing your scalp. Try to compare the length of your hair after switching to organic products, and you will definitely see a difference.

3. Get a Trimming Every 6 Months

Trimming is not the same as a haircut. While a haircut gives your locks some shape and definition, trimming simply chops off the dead strands. Once the dead hair is out of the way, there is a higher chance of growing healthy, long, and thick hair. Hence, get your hair trimmed once every 6 months.

4. Change Your Diet

Eat foods that are rich Omega-3 and Folic acid to increase hydration and moisture in your scalp. When the hair roots receive nutrition, they will automatically boost hair growth.

In order to grow your hair faster naturally, try to minimize the use of heating tools on your hair. As long as you make these lifestyle changes, you will definitely see a visible improvement in the length and thickness of your hair.

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