Looking for the right skincare products that suit your unique skin type and conditions is not an easy task. It requires a lot of research into the ingredients and skin tests. This trial-and-error method can be quite time-consuming and may even damage your skin in the process.

If a certain product makes you break out or clogs your pores, even after ditching it, you will still have to deal with the skin damages. These problems are quite common when it comes to drugstore skincare products. They’re chemically made with harsh, pore-clogging ingredients like alcohol, acids, and parabens.

A product that claims to treat acne or dark spots because of a certain “active” ingredient, can also lead to a break out. This is because you don’t exactly know what else the product contains, aside from that main ingredient.

Anything in a product may end up irritating your skin. Instead of instantly finding out what that skin irritant is, you’ll have to throw away the whole product even if you paid a lot for it.

Natural skincare, is not incredibly safe but is extremely simple to use. Also known as organic skincare, let’s have a look at why it’s better than drug-store skincare.


1. Pure

Natural skincare is extremely pure in its formula. An organic cream that is made for dry skin will have pure ingredients like aloe vera, virgin coconut oil, or even cocoa butter. This is because the word “organic” essentially means that the ingredient is untreated and raw.

2. Eco-friendly

Organic skincare doesn’t in any way destroy the environment. While drugstore products contain toxic chemicals for the skin and the atmosphere, natural skincare solutions only contain what the earth has to offer.

3. Safe

Most organic DIY skincare solutions contain ingredients that you would probably eat. If it’s safe to eat, it’s definitely safe to put on your face. Lemon, olive oil, apricots, gram flour, and even egg-whites are all extremely safe.

4. Simple Formula

It is impossible for an organic skincare product to have a complex set of ingredients. Organic skincare only uses simple and natural extracts to treat the skin, like willow bark and aloe vera.

If these reasons have convinced you, then it’s time to switch to organic skincare and watch your skin transform.

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