Tricks for Making Your Hair Super Shiny

Don’t you just love waking up with super shiny, bouncy hair, ready to rock the day? Well, with these tips and trick every day can be a good-hair-day! That too, without using any harsh chemicals or styling products!

Scroll down to read 3 genius tricks for healthy, shiny hair.

1.     Rethink Your Shampoo

While reaching out for the shampoo every day may work for people with oily hair, dry and thick hair can easily lose its shine and look dull with daily shampooing. Remember, shampoo works well to clean your hair and scalp but it also washes away the essential oil from the scalp.

One way to make sure your shampoo does not strip your hair of its natural scalp oils is by limiting the use of shampoo. Avoid ‘repeating’ and stick to one shampoo per wash.

2.     Conditioner Comes First

Tronto-based hair stylist, Jie Matar, shared a helpful tip to keep your hair hydrated, silky and shiny by locking in the moisture. The simple trick is to use a conditioner before shampoo. Simply apply a coat of conditioner to wet hair, let it sit for a few minutes, then shampoo as usual. This seals the cuticles and allows your hair to suck in all the moisture they need to look super healthy.

3.     Vitamin E Massage

Vitamin E works by improving the blood circulation to the scalp. Furthermore, research shows that it also promotes hair growth and makes your hair stronger and shinier. All you need to do is pick a bottle of vitamin E capsules on your next trip to the market. Snip the ends of a couple of them and squeeze the oil in a bowl. Message your scalp with the oil, at least an hour before hitting the shower.

Remember, with proper care, every day can be a good hair day for you!

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