Natural Remedies for Dry Skin

The heated indoors and the cold outdoor act like a one-two punch that leaves our skin feeling dry. Nobody would want dry and itchy skin and even though commercial products would promise supple hydration, their synthetic ingredients should touch no skin.

This is why we would like to share some practices with you that promise to hydrate and soothe your skin whenever the occasion calls for it.

1.    Skip Taking Hot Showers

There are only a few things which feel as good as a hot shower on a cold day. Your skin, however, disagrees, as hot water is one of the main reasons why it dries out so easily. In cold weather, you should use lukewarm water instead and use only the soaps that have the gentlest ingredients.

2.    Employ Staples to Exfoliate

If you like buying prestigious and expensive products for your skin, you can get yourself an expensive jar of sugar or salt that can be used as a scrub for exfoliation. This helps cleanse dead cells off of your skin and leaves your skin more able to absorb natural moisturizers.

3.    Moisturize While Damp

Natural lotions should be applied on the skin when you’ve freshly come out of a shower or bath. This is because they are designed to lock moisture. If you use natural lotions, then your skin will be much easier to moisturize.

4.    Douse Yourself with Milk

Who needs chemical lotions when you already have some milk in the fridge? If your skin feels itchy or dry, just dip a washcloth in a bowl of milk and apply it to your skin. This should be left on the skin for 5 minutes before it is washed off to experience the best effects of the natural lactic acid.

Who needs expensive products that damage your skin instead of nourishing it? With these home remedies, you will never feel like walking into cosmetic stores ever again!

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