Why Most Makeup Brands Are Going Organic

Why Most Makeup Brands Are Going Organic

Starting from the multi-million dollar lawsuits that Johnson & Johnson settled about their baby talcum powder causing cancer, to other companies responding to concerns about use of certain chemicals in their products, most mainstream companies have been out under strict check and balance where as organic makeup has been the talk of the town.

During earlier times, people did not have access to information to which they now do very easily. This is due to internet, social media, vast discussion forums and digital interactions. Now if something goes wrong on one end of the world, the other one not only knows about it, but also knows why it happened.

Similarly, that’s what happened with the all-natural/organic makeup campaign. People slowly became afraid of using chemical laid beauty products as more awareness has been raised about possible toxicity of these products. People now demand answers with proof to back it up, hence, along with the fall of the traditional make up products, the rise of all natural, organic, more safe skin care and make up products has started and has been all the hype since 2017. It definitely found its way through 2018 and 2019.

As organic makeup products are made out of substances or ingredients available naturally, they are automatically considered safe and less likely to cause any side effects or long-term damages to our skin and body. With such awareness among consumers and a lot of high end lawsuits settling down, ever so slowly, but progressively, many make up brands are now turning towards all natural products.

Starting from Sephora, Nordstorm, Target and CVS among major retailers who if not already have announced to invest in the all-natural campaign. Statics show that natural beauty products are surpassing their traditional counterparts by two to threefold. Even though most organic products cost more in production and in the market as well, but the sales have improved over time quite drastically.

The only reason being is the increased awareness among people because of a plethora of beauty blogs now available on the internet along with other sources of information. With the added security of these products being natural and a lot less likely to cause any long term side effects or even cancer for that matter. The all natural movement is not only limited to the beauty or skin care market, but the green movement all over the world has picked up pace over the last decade or so. Hence, making it a part of a larger campaign. We believe in the power of organic makeup and beauty products. Anything natural and organic is the way to go for yourself and for your environment.

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