Holiday Makeup Ideas. The Perfect Look + Video

Besides exploring new cities, spending quality time with family and trying out new cuisines, what makes us super excited for the holidays is that we get to dress up. You can look as extra as you like or just roam around the city in your sweat pants, without thinking twice because hey, you’re on a holiday. Just so you look your best and spam your Instagram with amazing pictures, we’ve got some stunning tips for your makeup looks.

Firstly, if you want to try out a new look on your holiday, make sure to try that look beforehand ensuring that you will look and feel your best.

Smokey eyes

Who doesn’t like to look dramatic yet classy? It’s the perfect look for a night out and no it won’t take you hours to blend all that eyeshadow to give a perfect look. Use a dark shade on the lids and waterline if you like. Elevate the look with a winged eyeliner. And some fake lashes won’t do you any harm. Always remember to balance your look, if you’re opting for bold colors for your eyes, then balance the look by applying a nude lip color and a pinch of red on the cheeks.

No makeup look

As effortless as it looks, it might get a little tricky when you actually get going with it. It is a must go for look on a beachy day. You do not want your eyeshadow and mascara go all smudgy and melted down till your neck when you get out of the water all drenched. Put on a primer and lots of sunscreen. Apply a cream blush on the cheeks to give a dewy look and highlighter to pop in the sun. Balance it with a rosy pink lip stain and lots of mascara to give your eyes a dramatic look. You’re going to rock this look girl!

Do not go all shimmery

No doubt a little bit of glitter on the eyelids can elevate the entire look, but do not go all shimmery unless glitter is your thing. Always remember to balance the look, if you’re opting for shimmery eyeshadow then do not go all rosy on the cheeks. A nude lip color and little bit of blush on is all you need. This will be a perfect look for a fancy dinner.

Sporty look

Vacations are all about exploring the city, which requires lots and lots of walking. Give your skin a break and do not apply any makeup except for sunscreen and a little bit color on your lips. Roaming around the city would make your makeup look all melted after a few hours.

Always remember to keep yourself and your skin hydrated and never go to sleep with your makeup on. Keep some makeup removing wipes in your makeup bag.

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