Seasonal Produce for Healthy Summertime Recipes

seasonal produce

Summer isn’t just the season for sunscreen, but the season of fresh produce and it is in full swing right now.  Amid those unending winter days, we could only dream about ruby red tomatoes, huge and healthy zucchinis, and the delicious fresh sweet corn. Now that summertime is here, the dream is finally a reality. Whoa, we finally get to bite into juicy tomatoes!

Since most of us already have our seasonal produce, here is a list of some delicious summertime recipes that you can prepare with it. Tomatoes, zucchini, eggplant and more! We’ve got you covered.

1. Tomato Recipes

Once you have bitten into a fresh, juicy tomato from your garden, you will forget about the tasteless, pale tomatoes you get from the grocery store. Here is how you can use your seasonal produce of tomatoes to make amazing summertime recipes.

  • Who’d say no to a homemade tomato sauce with giant chunks of crushed tomato? It’s a must! This is the perfect recipe that uses a lot of tomatoes at once, satiates your cravings for delicious sweet-and-sour tomatoes, and boosts the taste of numerous other dishes. So it’s not just a win-win but a win-win-win!
  • Another way you can utilize your tomato produce is making a salsa. You only need to dice the tomatoes and add some other ingredients that you like. It involves zero cooking, is no hassle, and tastes amazing!
  • Caprese is a perfect dish for your tomatoes and is a famous summertime staple and why not? There is nothing better than thick tomato slices with fresh mozzarella and basil, and a pop of balsamic.
  • Another perfect way to consume the tomato produce is Tuscan Tomato Soup, one of the best summertime recipes for tomatoes. This soup will outshine all the other types of soups you’ve had.

2. Zucchini Recipes

Zucchini is one food that grows rapidly and in abundance. Here are some of our favorite picks from summertime recipes using zucchini produce.

  • The first thing you do when you have Zucchini is make zucchini bread. If you have a lot of it still left, the easiest thing you can do is squeeze out extra moisture and freeze for a future zucchini bread day!
  • Zucchini can also be served as a savory sideline in form of grated zucchini along with zucchini cakes or fritters. Everyone will love this.
  • You can also enjoy this amazing vegetable by spiralizing it to make low-carb pasta or lasagna. If you know what spiralizing is, you know how amazing it can be and if you don’t, it’s time to try. Swap out the pasta noodles for ‘zoodles’ i.e. zucchini pasta and devour with your favorite pasta sauce.
  • If you still have some zucchini left, make Baked Parmesan Zucchini Chips. Your taste buds will thank you for this!

3. Eggplant Recipes

The color is just one thing we all love about eggplant but this seasonal produce has a lot more than just good looks. Try these summertime recipes for your eggplant produce and you will be wowed by the taste of each yourself.

  • Make a healthy dip using eggplant and use it whenever you want. The dip tastes awesome regardless if it is eaten on its own or as a dip.
  • As the temperature starts to cool, treat yourself, your family and friends with some Paleo Stuffed Eggplant with Ground Beef or make a classic Eggplant Parmesan for a delicious and healthy dinner.

4. Sweet Corn Recipes

There is no vegetable which is celebrated as much as sweet corn. Here are a few delicious summertime recipes for your sweet corn produce. Thank us later!

  • While boiling and grilling is the best thing you can do to cook sweet corn, you can also try making this amazing recipe called Mexican Street Corn by using a recipe on the internet.
  • Make corn and black bean salsa for any upcoming party or a family get-together. With very little effort, you will steal the show.
  • Make fluffy corn muffins or add sweet corn to a delicious homemade pizza or do both to have a sweet corn party.

Bonus: If you want to use the “kill-several-birds-with-one-stone’ rule here to use as many vegetables from your summer produce as you can, make bruschetta. Just substitute your toast with roasted eggplant or zucchini, garnish with fresh chopped tomatoes, basil, and olive oil mixture and devour!

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