The Benefits of Drinking Infused Water

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Infused water, also known as detox water, is prepared by mixing any fruit, vegetable or herb in water.

Drinking infused water isn’t a new practice, recently discovered by a dermatologist. In fact, it is an old age practice that has been around since the 10th and 11th centuries. During ancient times, people used to infuse essential oils and tea in water for a healthy diet.

These days, people create infused water with the help of fruits, vegetables, and herbs. Preparing infused water is super simple, and the added bonus is that it has many awesome benefits. Continue to read to learn about the benefits of drinking different kinds of flavor-infused water.

1. Lemon Infused Water

There is a good reason why so many restaurants serve lemon water on a daily basis, and why people kick-start their day with a glass of lemon water. The reason behind its popularity is the plethora of health benefits it provides.

The presence of vitamin C in lemon water reduces the chances of heart diseases like high blood pressure and heart strokes, and it also improves the quality of the skin. Lemon water also aids in digestion, supports weight loss, and freshens the breath naturally.

2. Mint Infused Water

Drinking mint infused water daily, especially in hot summer can be a blast of cool air to your whole body.

The herb soothes the body and mind, boosting your mood and energy. Mint water, like lemon water, helps in weight loss and promotes the healthy digestive system. You can mix both lemon and mint together for a detox water and enjoy the best of both flavors.

3. Ginger and Cucumber Water

If you are looking for the best detoxification recipe then look no further. Ginger and cucumber water will be your ideal option to get rid of toxic and unwanted elements present in your body. You can also squeeze lemon into the ginger and cucumber water to make it more effective.

4. Strawberry Water

Strawberry infused detox water is one of the best tasting detox water there is. It is refreshing and soothing. Drinking it on a hot day can be a healthy way to quench your thirst, and get your daily vitamins.

The addition of lemon and mint in strawberry water can be an excellent metabolism booster. You can also make the strawberry water more flavorful by the addition of kiwi, watermelon or cucumber in coconut water. This is beneficial as it gives the feeling of fullness, keeping hunger at bay. The intake of wholesome water can result in less food intake throughout the day which can promote weight loss.

5. Mango Pineapple Infused Water

Mango juice and pineapple juice are packed with sugar, leading you to gain extra calories and carbs.

The better option for you is to have mango and pineapple infused water instead. This way it will be more flavorful than a fruit juice without the sugar, making it easier to drink as well.

Drinking infused water is undoubtedly very healthy and fulfilling. So, don’t think much, and add flavorful infused water to your daily diet.

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